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Obviously first you open the the back door. Then you unscrew the the two Philips head screws. Then you pull the light out to the side of the vehicle. This might need clarification because it took me a few minutes to figure it out so here's the deal. After you unscrew each light from the back of the car standing behind the car then stand on either side of the car ( like you would if you were putting gas in the car ) and pull on the light. The screws that hold the light in are facing rearwards on the vehicle and the units holding it place are to the left and right of the vehicle. and good luck

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Q: How do you remove the tail light assembly on a 1997 Toyota 4Runner?
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How do you Reset Maintenance Warning Light on a 2008 Toyota 4Runner?

How to Reset Maintenance Warning Light on a 2008 Toyota 4Runner

2002 Toyota 4runner side marker light replacement?

There's a Phillips screw at the top of the marker light. You would need to unscrew that and then you will be able to remove the side marker light from your Toyota 4Runner. We have also included a link to a video in the related links section below.

How do you remove the tail light on 2003 Toyota Echo?

Look in the trunk, there is a cover over the light assembly - open and you will have access to change the light.

How do you replace a brake light on a 2003 Toyota RAV-4?

Open trunk and remove screws that secure light assembly to car. Pull assembly straight back to remove from car. Remove the dead light and replace with proper new light. Install in reverse order of removal.

How do you remove tail light on 2004 Toyota Highlander?

Question isn't clear. Are you asking how do you replace the bulb -OR- how to remove the entire lens assembly?

How do you remove the taillight on a 2007 Toyota solara?

Open the trunk; Remove the trunk liner; Remove the bulbs/wiring; locate the bolts securing the tail light assembly to the body; Remove the nuts; lift the assembly away. Cheers

How do you remove rear light assembly 05 Toyota 4 runner?

It's removed from inside the rear compartment. Open the rear hatch and on the inside of the light you will find a snap-off cover. open it and remove the light assembly with a 1/4 turn. The bulb assembly should pop out

How do you remove tail light assembly on 2005 mercury mariner?

Remove the wiring harness from the tail light assembly in your 2005 Mercury. Remove the tail light assembly retaining bolts. The tail light assembly will come out.

How do you replace head light assembly on a 2003 Toyota rav 4?

how do you replace parking light bulb in front light assembly of a Toyota 2003 rav4

How do you remove the rear light assembly from a Toyota Previa 1995?

Open the tailgate and look between the tail light assembly and the tailgates weather striping. You will see two galvanized Phillips head screws. Remove them and pull outward and the tail light unit will pop out. The bulbs are screwed into the back of the tail light assembly.

HowtoReset maintenance light 2005 Toyota 4Runner?

Check your maintenance manual. It's in there.

How do you reset the check engine light for a Toyota 4runner?

have you tried pulling the EFI fuse

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