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take it to a transmission shop

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Q: How do you remove the tailgate from a 1993 Chevy Blazer What if the window is broken out and the tailgate wont go down?
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How do you lock the tailgate on a 1993 blazer?

its locked while window is down.

How do you replace the tailgate's window motor on a Toyota 4Runner 1997?

how do remove the tailgate's window motor on a toyota 4runner 1997 ?

How do you open the tailgate on a 1979 k5 blazer?

you have to roll the window down and opend it from the inside. You are not supposed to opend it with the window up because it could break.

1988 blazer tail gate power window will close with with key in tail gate but will not open window?

The 1988 Chevrolet Blazer tailgate window motor might be bad and need to be replaced. The window motor fuse might be blown and needs to be replaced.

How do you remove the tailgate window when the motor is bad on a 1978 Bronco?

i used a hammer

How do you put a power window of a Chevy blazer back on track?

You will need to remove the inside door panel of your Chevrolet Blazer. Remove the window retaining clips. Put the window back into the window track. Tighten the window retaining clips.

Why does your rear window wiper work on your 2001 Blazer but the washer doesn't?

Had this happen on my Blazer the hose came disconnected in the tailgate and the washer fluid was emptying into the tailgate. You need to take the inside panel off to get at the hose to reconnect. Also dry your tailgate out. Needless to say I no longer use this option.

How do you replace the rear window crank on 77 blazer?

You will need to remove the inside door panel of your 1977 Chevrolet blazer. Remove the window crank linkage. Remove the window crank retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new window crank.

How can you open a 1992 Blazer rear tailgate window lock?

1992 chev blazer reartail gate window lock is broken ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the 89, (83-94 S10/S15 Blazer) you turn the latch with key one direction and it opens the window. Then once the window is open, you can turn it the other direction and it opens the tailgate. On mine, the part with the "ears" started slipping. The window would still open easily with just the key. However, I was barely able to get the tailgate open using just the key. Replacement parts are available on the internet and E-Bay. You can remove the key part by removing the inside panel of the tailgate (must be open). Then 4 - 10mm bolts to hold on a cover. You may need to remove the rest of the latch mechanism (or at least push it out of the way). A slide-type clip holds the latch in place. Pry and slide the clip to the right (passenger side). The latch should come out and can be replaced. I'm trying a "repair" now. More notes later since I don't feel like trying to re-key a generic.

Window on 88 Chevy blazer will not go down?

A blown fuse could be the reason the window will not go down on your 1988 Chevy Blazer. Another possibility is that the switch is worn out or has a loose, broken, or corroded wire.

How do you open tailgate window of an Isuzu wizard?

How do you replace the tailgate lock on a isuzu wizard 1999

How do you get the endgate open when the outside handle is broken on a 98 blazer s10?

After you pop the window either with your remote or the button on the dash you can use a very big screwdriver to open the gate. I found a replacement knob for my tailgate with keys at, they were very reasonably priced and quick and easy to change out.

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