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the face of your dash is held on by clips (no screws).the face being the part holding your vents in place, and surrounding your gauge cluster. if you pull this face off , it should give you access to the tape deck. take it easy when doing this and make sure clips don't if they do just put them back on. work your way from top to bottom and don't use more force then necessary. after you have access to the stereo you should see two screws. remove these screws and your stereo should slide out. when the stereo is out there are some wires to unclip. there are also kits that you can get from a dealership or an audio shop that can help with the installation if your stereo doesn't fit in place of the old one. try a place that installs car stereos.

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Q: How do you remove the tape player from a 2000 Dakota Sport?
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How do you replace the rear blinker bulb in Dodge Dakota?

On 2000 Dakota Sport you lower the tailgate and there are 2 Phillips head screws that you remove and the whole tail light module comes out. You can then remove the bulb socket and replace the bulb. On my 2002 Dakota Quad Cab there are 2 torx screws.

How many O2 sensors are on your 2000 dodge Dakota sport?


What factory CD player will fit into a 2000 dodge Dakota?

Try the 2000 Dodge Dakota CD player. I hear it fits nicely.

How do you remove transmission fluid on a 2000 dodge Dakota?

You have to remove the pan to drain the fluid.

What size are the speakers in a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport crew cab?

they are 6 and a halfs.

How do you remove the plastic fan enclosure on a 2000 V6 Dakota?

remove the fan clutch and fan first

Do you have to remove shroud to change cluth fan 2000 dodge Dakota?


What metric wrench is needed to remove the transmission lines on a 2000 Dakota 3.9?


Where is the highbeam switch located on your 2000 dodge Dakota sport?

Try turn signal stalk - pull toward you

How do you turn on driving lights in 2000 Dodge Dakota sport?

When turning headlights on, pull out on headlight switch knob.

Where can you find a Wiring diagram 2000 dodge Dakota sport?

In a service manual at a dealer, parts store, or library.

How do you change rear parking light lens on 1998 Dodge Dakota?

On 2000 Dakota Sport you lower the tailgate and there are 2 Phillips head screws that you remove and the whole tail light module comes out. I don't think you can replace a single lens, you have to pay for a whole new module.

What size of wrench needed to remove calipers on 2000 Dakota 2wd?

18 mm I think.

How do you remove a stuck CD from the 2000 Mitsubishi montero sport limited car CD player?

Try popping a credit card in when you hit the eject button. It worked for me!

How do you remove doors on 2000 wrangler sport?

to remove the doors you un-bolt the door then you lift the door up and off of the hinge.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2000 dodge Dakota?

Should be at the bottom or rear of radiator or remove lower radiator hose

How do you remove the rear hub on a 2000 Blazer Sport?

take the pin out of the rear diffrential and the axle should come out

Step by step instructions for brake changing-2000 Dodge Dakota Sport?

I'm a woman that has not changed brakes for about 20 years and I need refreshing.

Where is fuel shut off switch in 2000 dodge Dakota sport?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

How many bottles of gear oil to use to fill an empty rear pumpkin on a 2000 Dodge Dakota sport?

The rear axle will hold about 2.5 quarts.

What is towing capacity of 2000 dodge Dakota with a v6?

The towing capacity of a 2000 Dodge Dakota V6 is about 7500 pounds. The Dodge Dakota was discontinued in 2011.

Will a 3.7 bolt up to the transmission of a 4.3 dodge Dakota pickup 2000?

Dodge does not have 4.3L engine. A 3.7L was not used in a 2000 Dakota. So no.Dodge does not have 4.3L engine. A 3.7L was not used in a 2000 Dakota. So no.

What was the favorite sport in 2000?

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Will a 1999 Dakota 5.2 bolt up to a 2000 Dakota that had a 4.7?


How do you eliminate the air conditioner compressor on a 2000 Dodge Dakota 3.9 L?

You remove the compressor and replace the belt with one for a truck with out ac