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There should be some number of plastic pins all around the lining. You should be able to pry out the middle out of a pin with a flathead screwdriver, and then remove the whole pin. Repeat this as many times as necessary in order to remove all the pins, just DON'T lose them!!

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โˆ™ 2008-04-14 04:37:02
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Q: How do you remove the trunk lining of a 2000 Ford Taurus?
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Where is the key less entry receiver box on a 2000 Ford Taurus in the trunk?

2000 Ford Taurus keyless entry does notwork what could be wrong?

How do you change rear lenss on a 2000 Cavalier?

Pop the trunk. On both sides of the trunk there are "brackets" for holding the cargo net inplace (if equipped), remove those. Now, pull back the trunk lining. There are about 4 soft nuts holding it in, remove them and the pull out the lense. Now, inside the trunk lid, there are 4 soft nuts holding those in as well. just remove them and take out the lenses. ENJOY

What fuse controls the power windows dome light and remote trunk release on a 2000 Taurus?

Three different fuses control the power windows, dome light, and remote trunk release on a 2000 Taurus. The trunk release is at #26 in the fuse box panel in the dash. The dome light is at #37, and the power windows at #33.

Where is the instead botton to open the trunk on the 2000 ford windstar?

The handle is the only way to open the hatch (trunk?) on a Windstar. There is no inside button for it like in a sedan like a Taurus.

Is a transmission for a 2000 Taurus compatible with a 1998 Taurus?

No. 2000 Taurus and Sable are the only interchange.

How do you replace a taillight on a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

open trunk,pull back inside lining to trunk,there should be 3 or 4 plastic nuts to take off. then pull out light assembly.

How do you remove the console from a 2000 Taurus SEL?

There are screws that hold it on. Sometimes they are located under the compartment.

How do you remove rear speakers for a 2000 Ford Mustang?

You remove them from inside the trunk. In the coupe anyway. I don't know about a convertible.

How do you turn trunk light off when latch is broken in a 2000 kia rio?

Remove the bulb.

How do you remove the spare tire from trunk on a 2000 Mitsubishi galant es?

you dont its just for show evidently

How do you Remove a spare tire on 2000 villager?

You unscrew the large bolt on the trunk floor under carpet.

How do you remove the rear seat in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE?

when you remove the back seats on a 2000 Pontiac grand am SE if you look threw the trunk there will be a string that you pull that will fold the seats down and at the bottom there will be two latches to remove seats

How do you deactivate your antitheft on a 2000 Ford Taurus se?

how do i deactivate factory alarm on 2000 ford taurus

How do you replace the ignition coil on cylinder 3 on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

if it is a dohc engine then you may have to remove the intake manifold

How do you remove a fuel filter from a 2000 Mazda Millenia?

it's in the trunk, under the carpeting, near the back in the centre.

How do you replace the battery on a 2000 Jaguar XK8?

remove the trunk floor and the battery is on the right next to the spare tire.

How do you remove the water pump from a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria?

Unless there is an access panel in the trunk, which is doubtful, you will have to remove the fuel tank from the vehicle to access the pump.

How do you remove radiator from the top in a 2000 Ford Taurus?

Drain coolant Remove transmission cooling lines Remove upper and lower radiator hoses Remove upper mounting bolts Pull radiator up from support cradle

How do you disable the anti theft system on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

Enable Anti Theft in Ford Taurus 2000 SE

Where is the emergency trunk release in a 2000 Nissan maximum?

in the trunk.

Can a 1999 Ford Taurus door go on a 2000 Ford Taurus?


Does the 1995 Taurus have the same front end as a 2000 Taurus?

No they are quite different

What type transmission fluid for 2000 Ford Taurus?

The transmission fluid for the 2000-2004 Taurus is MERCON V.

How many gallons does a gas tank hold in a 2000 Taurus?

18 gallons ( according to the 2000 Ford Taurus Owner Guide )

How many gallons could a Ford 2000 Taurus hold?

( 18.0 gallons ) according to the 2000 Ford Taurus owner Guide