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You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer.

1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS)

2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot

4 Run Superantispyware

5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt!

Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection

Here is the ONLY remedy to get rid of this

How to uninstall

On that page "" go to the bottom and click on "if problem". The following will come up:

If you don't want to continue using this page, follow instruction below: 1. Download uninstaller (right click and choose "Save target as.." from pulldown menu

2. Run it

3. Reboot your PC

4. Run it second time

5. Change your start page to "about:blank" in the IE settings (Tools -> internet Options)

6. Click "Start" -> "Run" -> regedit

7. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\

8. Select key {FF1BF4C7-4E08-4A28-A43F-9D60A9F7A880} and delete it

Enjoy with your clear PC, and stop looking for free porn - try to buy membership on a good paysite.

This helped me 100% and I enjoy again downloading everything I wish!

You need HijackThis, download from here:

I figured it out myself..

I ran cwshredder again I found it available here

Open -> doubleclick cwshredder.exe -> click 'FIX"


After This, Reboot

I believe this will work for... this one as well...

Since they are both a coolwebsearch infections....

Raven's CWShredder advice was the business!! No more annoying Searchpage browser hijack trash (fingers crossed). Thanks to Raven, even a novice like myself was able to sort it out. Cheers! Top site, top people. I'ts raining again in the UK, but I with (touch wood) easier Surfing, who cares? Give CWS a go and destroy Searchpage 1507, it worked for me!

I went to >accessories >system tools >restore system and restored it to a date before I picked up the virus. It didn't remove the virus from my hard drive but I now have the homepage that I used to have. Whatever works.

Visit for removal technique.

This Trojan actually infects the registry by periodically adding a couple of subkeys (if they have been removed manually or by spyware) to HKCU\Software\Internet Explorer\Search (which is probably also added by it). Even if you disinfect it, the Trojan writes the keys again!!!

I also got this malicious issue. Probably there are many ways to fix it and it seems it can corrupt different dlls. In my case it had added mxtarget.dll to c:\windows (on Windows XP). Tried a lot of things but the simple way out was to use System Restore option from Start/Program Files/Accessories/Security. This will work as by default XP maintains system checkpoints log to which the system can be rolled back to. Its easy and does not affect your data. Make sure to select a date before the date of infection.

After becoming clean, make sure to set your browser security to at least medium to avoid activex scripts from getting executed without ur knowledge.

You can remove this virus from your computer by following these steps.

1 Download and intall the Malwarebytes on your computer .

2 Update your Malwarebytes .

3 Scan your computer for all the malwares in your computer .

4 Remove all the malwares , found while scanning with the malwarebytes .

5 Restart your computer .

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History if deleted deletes the passwords as well. The browsing data deleting will remove passwords too.

it means sites you visit can not track your browsing history

You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove all the spyware on your computer. 1. Run Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) 2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 3. Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot 4 Run Superantispyware 5. Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! Install threat fire which will enhance your antivirus protection

Tools -> Clear private data Or Ctrl+Shift+Delete

If your browser is Internet Explorer, there may be (depending on its version) an option Options -> Delete browsing history. This will remove stored passwords. If not, you can use CCleaner (it's free) to remove browsing history and temporary files. All assuming your operating system is Windows.

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The website On Guard Online has tons of great articles on how to remove spyware, adware, and malware. The website also offers helpful software to help remove the spyware.

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E-mail your request to WikiAnswers @

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Using an account with proper rights to access the server, either remotely access the server and remove the history through the browser, or remove the file manually through windows explorer. Otherwise it's impossible without an account that has access to the relevant files on the server.

Contact cz-usa throuh their website,

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