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This is the free Microsoft anti-virus line. This is a totally free service that will walk you through the virus removal steps: For support within the United States and Canada, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338).

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Q: How do you remove Trojan horse back
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When was the Trojan horse made?

The Trojan horse was made a long time ago, back in Ancient Greece.

How do you remove Trojan Horse DownloaderGeneric6VZU?

my advice is just back up your files and re format the hard drive, and reinstall the operating system.

What is odysseus trying to do in the odessy?

get back to his wife, Penelope, and his son, Telemachus after fighting in the trojan war and after the trojan horse was made

What happens after you remove a computer Trojan?

your computer will be back to normal

What is Trojan Horse 32?

A "Trojan Horse", usually just referred to as a Trojan, is a file that , like the big wooden one did, contains something that you don't want to let in. Most trojans contain code that will allow hackers to access your computer... basically creating a back door into your system.

Why was the Trojan horse in the Trojan war?

The Trojan Horse's point in the Trojan was was so that the Greeks could get into Troy. They had to use this scheme because the war in Troy was across the Aegan Sea, and they wanted to get back to Greece ASAP. So, they build a giant horse, pretended to sail home but really hid in the horse, the foolish Trojans took it thinking it was for Poseidon.So, that night the Greeks that were hiding in the horse broke out of it, opened the gates, killed King Priam and took Troy. Also I suggest you watch the movie "Troy" or read The Iliad by Homer.

What did the Greeks plan to do in order to trick the Trojans?

The Greeks his soldiers in a wooden horse (Trojan horse) and gave it to the Trojans as a gift to get Helen back.

How do you remove a horse's headcollar?

you undo the buckle closest to the back-end of the horse... or both if thats easier

If you have a Trojan horse and AVG reports that it deletes it but the virus either isn't removed or it comes back can you describe how to remove it in simple language?

To be able to tell you how to remove it, I'd really need to know its name. The term "Trojan Horse" is just a general label that covers many different types of parasites, malware, spyware, worms, adware and so on. I've posted a few links to check out that I've found to be very helpful in the past when I've had virus difficulties. Check AVG's log file and see what the Trojan's name is or which files are infected then fo to one of the links I posted for you and search for the Trojan by name or an infected filename. If this turns up no results, go to the Forum and ask for help. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

What you should do if you have a Trojan virus?

One note of correction: a Trojan or Trojan horse is "malware" not a "virus". A virus spreads independently while a Trojan requires you to intentionally install the software containing the hidden malware (the fact that the malware is hidden in an apparently legitimate piece of software is where it gets its name by analogy to the Trojan Horse of Greek Mythology).If you realize you have a Trojan on your computer, you should go to the store and buy an anti virus kit or packet and install it. Nearly all good anti-virus programs will detect and clean up Trojans. A couple of caveats are in order however. Sometimes a Trojan will corrupt files such that they cannot be recovered. All the anti-virus can do is remove the Trojan and sometimesrepair affected files. When repair fails, your only recourse is to restore the corrupted files from a backup or reinstall the software that the corrupted files were part of in order to get back the uncorrupted files. A few Trojans can also contain boot-sector malware or rootkits. These are a good deal more difficult to detect and remove.

What is the Trojan horse?

The Trojan horse was originally a gift, given to Troy by the Myceanean's. The Trojan horse goes back to the time of Ancient Greece and Troy. There was a war between the Trojans and Mycenaeans. This war lasted ten years and is supposedly a legend. This war continued causing misery and death. Greeks thought and thought and thought how to end the war. They finally concluded that if perhaps they made a special offering to the gods, the gods might reward them with the city of Troy.

How do you remove Trojan horse downloader agent 3 ap?

I feel for you. I myself have had the same problem for a while and have yet to find a solution. The latest build of AVG (build number 7) *will* remove and delete it (or so it says) but the next time you run AVG or restart your computer, it'll be back. So, I don't know what to tell you.

How do you get rid of Trojan horse downloader stubby B?

I found this Trojan with my AVG V7 and it could not heal or remove it. AVG did identify it as being embeded in the file "D:\Temp\\Sentry.exe"I can't save if this would be advisable for everyone to do but I deleted the "" and it hasn't turned back up in the past few days nor does there seem to be any adverse affect on my PC from the deletion.

How can you remove the Trojan Horse Startup 16 BD which AVG only pretends to remove?

AVG isn't pretending to remove it but it detect that everytime you restart you system or turn it off that the Trojan comes back. Which means while you system is still on the Trojan is gone. After AVG have said that is is removed. The only way to get rid of this is to download windows live onecare from this link Try this and I can ensure this will work. Turn off System Restore, restart the computer, update and run AVG, and remove the offending file. Restart the computer and then go to System Restore and create a Restore point. Restart the computer.

What is piggiebacking?

The concept is related to the 'Trojan Horse' except that the 'Trojan Horse' hid the Greeks inside. The analogy comes from the term for carrying somebody (usually a kid) on your back. If you piggyback a digital signal on a voice signal, that means that the signal leaves a single set of 'footprints' but delivers more than what was expected.It means to ride on the back of something else

How do you remove Trojan Horse Downloader.Agent.2.AA when it is an embedded object?

you usually have to find the file manually and delete it, if all else fails reformat ur whole computer. Dont back up files bc their is a chance they could b infected. Just completley reformat it.

How do you permanently remove the Trojan horse 'Downloader Agent AI'?

I have the same problem with AVG. It keeps multiplying/coming back when I scan my PC. Please help!! I find that when I am connected to the internet it pops up more! Josh P.S. Please email me if you know how to remove it for good without reformatting & reinstalling the OS. Thanks!

A floating island where Odysseus is kept by Calypso?

The island of Ogygia.Odysseus was kept on the island of Ogygia by the Greek Goddess Calypso for seven years. He was on his way back to Greece in mythology and was lured to Ogygia after the ten year Trojan War taking place in current day Turkey . Which he won with the clever Trojan horse trick in Troy, Turkey. The Trojan horse was a huge wooden horse mad by the Greeks filled with warriors. At night when everyone was asleep, the soldiers crept out and slaughtered everyone taking over the town.

Who came up with the plan to win the Trojan war?

Odysseus' plan to win the war was to build a wooden Trojan horse, have his men hide in it, and wait for them to take his bait. They are successful. It is at night so the Trojans can't fight back and its basically a slaughter-fest, not a war.

How did Iliad and Odyssey influence the world?

These stories that homer wrote teached courage ,bravery,and life lessons. The illiad tells about the Trojan horse. The odyssey tells about a guy named Odysseus and after his army gives the the Trojan horse and kills all of those people the sails for 20 years just to try to get back to Greece, because the god Poseidon was mad at him.

What happended to the Trojan Women after the war?

After the Trojan war, the women of Troy were taken back to Greece and sold as slaves.

Does horse have back bone?

Yes, a horse has a back bone.

What were the opponents of the Trojan war?

The Greeks of Sparta. Paris, Prince of Troy, stole immortal Helen of Sparta from her father, Menelaus. Menelaus wanted his (adopted, in a way) daughter back. The Greeks stormed Troy, where Paris and Helen were living together. That 10-year siege, called the Trojan war, involved the god Ares, the goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, and the famous Trojan horse.

How do you remove the Trojan horse Startpage 3 AW from system32 stivc exe?

Removing A Trojan HorseHere are recommendations from FAQ Farmers: Because it's in your system32 folder you need to click start menu, right click on my computer, click properties, then click system restore and turn system restore off on all drives. Then go to this website (its Mcafee sub site) Download stinger, a Trojan detector, and Eliminator. Run that and it should catch the Trojan and delete or fix the file. After you run it, restart your computer and the go back to system restore and turn it back on. Run Stinger again to see if it has gone.Download Hijackthis and look for anything referencing and delete. It worked for me after the virus kicked my butt for two weeks.

How do you remove the virus Trojan from an iPod?

The only way would be to remove everything through itunes. "Restore to factory settings" i suggest virus scanning all of your songs to check they are not affected then put the songs back on your ipod :)

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