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How do you remove viruses in general?

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First, go to the start menu (I will assume you are using Windows XP). Now click on Run... Type in "MSConfig" without the quotes, and press enter. This will bring up a window. Select the "Startup" tab, and deselect everything. Now restart your computer. On a clean computer, go to, and click on "Download Free Version". This will take you to the download page. Save the installer to the desktop. Now, using a usb drive, copy the installer from the clean computer to the infected one. Rename the installer to virus_help.exe. We do this because the malware won't realize that this is an antimalware application, and will allow it to run. The program will install Malwarebyte's Antimalware on your computer. When it is finished, make sure both run and update amlwarebytes are selected. When it opens up, go too the scan tab, and select, "Run full scan". Allow it to run, and delete everything it finds. You're done

If the virus will let you, install a virus checker (eg AVG Free (check the links page or search on Google) and run that. This should remove it. However, some nasty viruses will stop you using a virus checker. In that case, this (VCleaner (look on links page)) program may help. You may need to rename it to something else.exe. Start the computer in safe mode and run it.

If this still doesn't fix the problem, then goto Start -> Run, type '''MSConfig''' and press enter. Goto the Startup tab and deselect everything. Restart the computer. The virus should now not be working. Now go back to MSConfig and re-enable everything, a few items at a time. When the virus comes back you know that it was one of the ones you just enabled. Narrow it down until you know exactly which entry is the virus and untick only that box. (N.B. it is possible that there are more than one entries, in which case you'll need to continue until you find them all.) Now install a virus scanner and run it. It will clean up any traces of the virus that are still left.

If all this doesn't work, then I'm afraid you'd better seek the advise of a professional, or your friendly local geek.

2011-12-28 20:42:17
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How do you get rid of viruses on your computer?

To remove computer viruses, you can run a virus scan using antivirus software. This should find any viruses on your computer, and allow you to remove them.

How to remove viruses from my Toshiba laptop?

viruses were found on my toshiba laptop how do i get rid of them

What are the disadvantages of computer viruses?

Computer Viruses can cause the owner to buy for another or reformat the CPU. In reformatting, we remove all the files and other applications. We just re-install the applications needed by the computer. Viruses are like seeds that grow until it's big and can destroy your computers files. Viruses can cause the computer to respond slower that the general.

Can you see viruses with a compound light microscope?

in general, no electron microscopes are used to see viruses.

How often does antivirus software need updating?

We often need updating the antivirus software because it contain a list of viruses from which it remove the virus by updating it saves the list of newly comer viruses to remove latest viruses.

Are viruses general or specific to the cells that they infect?

viruses are specific to the cells they infect called host cells

Does reimaging a computer will remove malware and viruses?


Does you git a viruses if you have antiviruse?

general mohamed addow

What products are available on

Avg is a computer software program that protects your computer from viruses. You can scam and check for viruses with this program. You can remove any viruses with this program.

How do you write a script in Ubuntu to delete a virus in a USB flash drive?

Depends on the virus - there are different ways to remove things depending on what the virus payload is. In general, however, you should remove viruses via a boot CD; that way mounting the USB drive won't harm the OS. A script itself would be of limited use because viruses are very different, so you would have to customize the script for different viruses.

What is the main function of antivirus software?

To remove viruses and malware

How do viruses get out of Cells?

The general process is called Cell Lysis.

Does battlefield heros give you viruses?

It's a authorized EA game,shouldn't have a viruses and if it does remove it with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Can viruses live in the human intestine and id in the digestive process?

viruses can live in intestine but they get remove with the removing of excretory waste.

How do you remove fake viruses?

Removing virus is a difficult job, you can install anti-virus software to remove it

How do you remove a virus from cellphone?

There aren't any mobile phone viruses.

What is the anti virus?

it is a downloadable program that will scan your computer for viruses and can remove them

If you put a new processor and harddrive on an old computer with viruses will it make it fast?

The viruses are in your data on the hard drives. The new processor will help speed up the machine but will not remove the viruses.

How do you remove computer viruses without buying a program?

Removing viruses without a suitable program is not recommended. While you can remove the affected files, viruses can execute programs that go unnoticed by a user. If a user cannot purchase an antivirus program, there are free and trial options available.

Viruses are general or highly specific to the cell they can infect?

Highly specific

How do you remove hard to remove viruses?

You have to delete the viruses start-up permissions and then delete it from the registry and then from its location, always back up your data otherwise your done 4! If you have a virus it can just destroy your computer if you remove it wrong it will just restart and do more damage

How can you remove a virus from your computer that has it shut down?

It is suggested to have antivirus software installed in system which in turn will remove these viruses from the system.

Is your computer safe from viruses with norton?

Not 100%, but it helps you remove them and scans files.

How i can remove viruses from nokia n73 music edition?

re-install software

Function of AVG?

To protect your computer from Viruses, and attempt to remove them if they attack the computer.