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How do you remove viruses in general?

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2011-12-28 20:42:17

First, go to the start menu (I will assume you are using Windows

XP). Now click on Run... Type in "MSConfig" without the quotes, and

press enter. This will bring up a window. Select the "Startup" tab,

and deselect everything. Now restart your computer. On a clean

computer, go to, and click on "Download Free

Version". This will take you to the download page. Save the

installer to the desktop. Now, using a usb drive, copy the

installer from the clean computer to the infected one. Rename the

installer to virus_help.exe. We do this because the malware won't

realize that this is an antimalware application, and will allow it

to run. The program will install Malwarebyte's Antimalware on your

computer. When it is finished, make sure both run and update

amlwarebytes are selected. When it opens up, go too the scan tab,

and select, "Run full scan". Allow it to run, and delete everything

it finds. You're done

If the virus will let you, install a virus checker (eg AVG Free

(check the links page or search on Google) and run that. This

should remove it. However, some nasty viruses will stop you using a

virus checker. In that case, this (VCleaner (look on links page))

program may help. You may need to rename it to something else.exe.

Start the computer in safe mode and run it.

If this still doesn't fix the problem, then goto Start ->

Run, type '''MSConfig''' and press enter. Goto the Startup tab and

deselect everything. Restart the computer. The virus should now not

be working. Now go back to MSConfig and re-enable everything, a few

items at a time. When the virus comes back you know that it was one

of the ones you just enabled. Narrow it down until you know exactly

which entry is the virus and untick only that box. (N.B. it is

possible that there are more than one entries, in which case you'll

need to continue until you find them all.) Now install a virus

scanner and run it. It will clean up any traces of the virus that

are still left.

If all this doesn't work, then I'm afraid you'd better seek the

advise of a professional, or your friendly local geek.

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