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Try right clicking on it in control panel. Go down the list and see if there is anything about write-protection. If not select properties at the bottom of the list and look through the tabs for w-p. Finally look on the device itself. Sometimes there is a smal switch. You may need comething long and thin to get at it. It is often well hidden. Hope this helped!

Arun Jaganthan-Whether your USB is write protected,If there is no switch or in registry u can't find Storage devices.

A common security concern at organizations is allowing users to plug in a usb flash drive, because they could so easily copy corporate data.

Since Windows XP SP2, you can disable writing to USB devices altogether using a simple registry hack. Here it is:



You should also check your dive letter assignments (hit run and type diskmgmt.msc) Make sure that your drive letter is set correctly!

You can also just download registry tweaks to enable or disable writing to USB drives.

Ery this to enable or disable writeprotected USB.It works for me Kingston pendrive.

For Information for difft USB plz mail me

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Q: How do you remove write protection on a USB mobile disk?
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Remove the write protection or use another disk?


How can you remove the write protection of removable disk?

yes, try it

How do you remove write protection to a removable disk?

i wanna dat question

How can you remove the write protection from a ps2 disk?

PS2 games are not on rewritable discs

How do you remove write protection from a micro sd card?

You can remove the write protection from a micro SD card by flipping the unlock switch at the side of the card, if it has one. Alternatively, go to Start, Run and type cmd in the box. Type Diskpart, then type List Volume. Type Select Volume and the letter that represents the drive. Type Attributes Disk Clear Read-only to remove the write protection.

How do you remove Write Protection from a disc?

it depends on what type of disk if it is a 3.5 inch floppy then there is a tab on the corners that can be moved up or down. if you can see through it , it is write protected if not it can be used.

How do you remove the write protection on a memory key?

here it is, it is simple, just turn the disk over and flip up the small lever in the bottom right corner of the disk. there should be a locked and un-locked symbol, if you want the write protection off or on just flip the tiny lever up and down.

How do you remove write protection from a removable disk?

u'll find a tab or slider on that removable disk (a memory card for example) it will be write protected if that slider or tab thingy is pointing towards the lock side...if u don't find such thing reply back ;)

How do you remove write protection from a disk?

I just removed the write protect on my SD file by manually pushing the gray lock switch to unlock. I am not sure what is in your F drive but it may a manual lock switch.

How do you delete files in a write protected usb flash disk?

Without removing write protection you cannot do that.

I want to remove write protection on a floppy disk but i can't find any tab that every one says Is there something wrong with this disk?

If it is a 3.5" floppy and is missing the sliding tab I think it can be covered with a piece of tape to make it writable.

How do you remove a write-protection off a floppy disk?

The old 5.25 inch disks had a notch that is covered/uncoverd for write protection. The not so floppy 3.5 inch disks have a little plastic slide that did the same thing. Software disks in that format might have a notch that can be covered with tape.

How do you delete a virus in a write protected San Disk flashdrive in windows 7?

Well, you can't remove any viruses unless you remove the write-protection from your flash drive. So I'll strongly suggest you to format it unless you want to backup some important information first.

How do i remove a disk write protection using a hold switch?

Go to My Computer Right Click Then Click Manage, Then Go to Disk Management. Insert the pen drive the after Inserting the pen Drive the disk management it "ll show the Disk-1 Removable Then Right Click Removable disk then Click Format ,click Ok the Format "ll be Completed. Thunk You For Reading

Can a floppy disk drive read a floppy disk regardless of how the write protect notch is set?

Yes. The write protection notch is the same for USB, floppy, and other portable media. What is is supposed to do is prevent changing of the data, not reading of the data, on the disk.

How to remove write protected file on your 1G transcend USB?

Insert the mini CD that came with the USB Flash disk. Start JF Utility.exe in the JF Utility directory. If it complains that the disk is write protected, choose "Continue" Choose "Partition" Answer "Yes" to losing all your data (Since this becomes a problem usually after formating the disk in WinXP or Win9x, you will most probably not have any data on there in any case) Choose "Public Area Only (Single Partition)", Then "OK", Then "OK" again. Unplug the device, reinsert device, and voila!- no more dark secret areas or write protection on your disk!

What is it called when you remove some information from a file or remove a file from the disk?

what is it called when you remove some information from a file or remove a file from a file from the disk

What is exactly a backup exec?

Backup exec is a data protection program that offers disk-to-disk-to-tape backup protection. This also provides recovery protection. The initial release of this program was in the 1980s.

To write to a floppy disk is it necessary for the write-protect notch to be open or closed?

For you to write to a disk, the write-protect notch must be closed.

Why is it a good idea to write protect a floppy disk?

It is a good idea to write protect on a floppy disk because it is a back to make sure the disk doesn't get overwritten. A disk can also be write protected by pushing a small tab on top of the disk to reveal a hole.

Can't write to floppy disk?

check to make sure the disk is not write protected. there is a little tab on a corner of the disk that prevents overwriting.

How do you unlock write protected disk?

I am trying to format a dvd/rw disk but it is write protected. how do i unlock it?

How do you remove no disk error virus?

"No Disk" Its not a virus........ Its ur disk problem . . . .

How do you remove brake disk on dodge ram?

what year?front or back? for the most part , all you do is remove wheel, remove caliper,then pull brake disk off if disk is a rear disk, the park brake is inside the disk and you will need to use a hammer to tap on disk to remove it. once the wheels are off there are only a couple of clips on some of the wheek studs to keep disk in place. the disk is actually held to vehicle with the wheel and lug nuts

What is a mechanism that spins read and write disk?

A disk drive.