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Go to the bank and ask to have your name removed from the account. The other account holders should go with you. * I don't recommend this unless you are extremely confident of the other account holders' financial viability and/or general upright-ness, as if any or all of them end up defaulting or otherwise losing the account and/or causing a debt, you will be hunted down as a responsible party by any collection entity that should end up involved, and any credit damage that this might (would) cause will be reflected in your credit rating, possibly without you even having been contacted. I suggest that you go to the bank with the other account holder(s) and close out the account and have them open a new account at the same time.

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Q: How do you remove your name from a bank account?
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Can a Power of Attorney remove money from a bank account and then put it in there name?

If it is in "THERE" name, No. If it is in "THEIR" name, maybe.

Can you remove someone from a joint bank account at TD bank?

TD Bank, like many other banks, will not allow you to remove a name from a joint banking account. In order for the name to be removed, the other person must agree to it first.

How do you remove someone else's name from a bank account?

A person will need to check the bank's requirements in order to remove someone from a bank account. The primary person will need to contact the bank and will most likely have to go to the main bank branch.

Can you remove your name from a joint banking account at Bank of America?

Yes. You can very well do that. It is your account and if you no longer wish to be a part of it, you can remove your name from the joint account. All you need to do is, visit the bank and submit a request in writing reg. the same. The bank will take 2-3 days to complete your request and then you will no longer be a joint holder of that account.

How do you remove one joint account holder?

Speak with the bank rep or bank manager; and have them remove the person as a signer to the account and then you will have to resign a new signature account.

Can you remove your name from a joint checking account without closing it?

At chase both party's have to be there and you can remove your name. I did it. I did not require my partner to be there as I opened another account for myself so it appears to be a bank specific deal.

How to remove the joint bank account without the permision of the partner who joint only Originally it's mine and I want to remove her to my joint No possible signature she's outside the country?

You will have to check with your Institution to find out their policies to remove someones name from a joint bank account without their authorization.With most banks, you will have to have their signature to remove them from the account.

How do you take your name off a joint savings account?

You can visit the bank branch where you hold the joint account and submit a written request to remove your name from the list of account holders for that account. The bank may ask you to get the other holders of that joint account and ask them for approval before doing so.

What Does Bank Account Name mean?

It is the name of the account holder

Can a bank account be garnished if the name is different on the judgemnet?

yes a bank account can be garnished if the name is different

Can you remove your name from a joint bank account?

Yes This actually depends on your Banks Policy. Some banks will only remove someone that is deceased. Most banks will actually make you close the account and reopen a new account.

How do you find the name of bank account holder from their account number?

contact their bank

How do you remove a name from joint account when a person is no more?

You need to take the death certificate of the person who is no more to the bank and submit it to them along with your details. After verification the bank will remove their name from the joint account and make you the sole beneficiary. In case the other person has a different legal heir, then you may need an No Objection Certificate from them before the account becomes your single operated account.

How do you remove a signature card on a corporate bank account?

You might have to go to your bank to tell you about: "Corporate Account: Multiple Signers with No Signature Cards",then ask your question on how to remove a signature card on corporate bank account.I think you have to send a letter to your bank along with your card to remove to your bank, they have more info than I do because I just googled it.

Who or what is a bank account holder?

A person on whose name the bank account is opened is called the bank account holder. He is the one responsible for maintaining the account.

What does bank account holder mean?

its a type of bank account where the name of the account holder is kept secret.

where can I cash a disability check, without having a bank account?

Open the bank account or go and remove your hair to do this job

Is it illegal to remove your spouse from joint checking account?

No. it is not mandatory to have a joint account with your spouse. If you feel, you no longer wish to have your spouse in your joint account, you can let them know and then contact the bank to remove their name from the accounts joint holders list.

How do you take someone off joint checking account?

Well with my bank, the only way to remove someone from a joint account is to close the account altogether. You then have the option of reopening in just your name.

Who owns your money in a bank account you or the bank?

The person whose name is on the account owns the money. The bank holds it for them.

How do i remove someone from my joint bank account?

This depends on where you live. In Canada, if you are the primary on the account you can go into your branch and have the other person removed. In the US however, some banks will not remove names from accounts and you will be required to close the account and open a new account under your name.

What if only one name on a bank account?

karnataka bank

If you have a joint checking account with your husband can he close it or remove your name without your signature?

He cannot remove your name from the account. However, he can close the account and then open a new account with the money. Just remember this can work both ways. With a joint account either person can go in and close the account out and then take the money and open themselves a new account. Most of the time it depends on who makes it to the bank first to close out the account.

Given an account number from the China Construction Bank how can you identify the beneficiary?

Name of Beneficiary- Moncila Victory Bank Name- China Construction Bank Account Name- Moncila Victory Account No. 6217004280000025468 Swift Code- pcbccnbjgsx Bank Address- Gansu China.

Is bank account an a bank deposit account the same?

No. A bank account can be a checking or savings. It is the account in your name where you deposit and withdrawl funds from. A bank deposit is when you put money into the account either by you walking into the bank and handing them cash or a check and the bank teller processes it to be put into your account. They are two different things but they are related.