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If you were pierced with low grade titanium the dark circle is due to the metal oxide layer depositing into the layers of skin. If you were pierced with Sterling silver this is also an oxide stain that will take months to wear away. If you had issues during the healing period this is cellular damage that will color it's self up naturally but will take weeks to occur. In the first two cases change the jewellery to proper materials.

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What kind of piercing is a Monroe piercing?

A Monroe piercing is a piercing on the left upper lip. It's called the Monroe piercing due to Marilyn Monroe's mole piercing. Many people now has this piercing which was started by the celebrity herself.

What is the piercing at the corner of the lips called?

monroe or dahlia. monroe piercing is usually around the area similar to Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark. a dahlia piercing is right at the corner where the two lips meet.

Where do you go to get a Monroe Piercing?

Any legitimate piercing shop should offer monroe piercings. Monroe piercings are considered a lip piercing and range in pricing from $30-$80.

What is monroes?

if you are referring to the piercing Monroe it is an upper lip piercing

Why is the tissue around your monroe piercing hard?

The body is guarding the tissue while the piercing is healing, this toughening will ease off as the piercing heals. Be sure to stay on your aftercare routine.

How old do you have to be to get a Monroe piercing?

i think age requirements depend on where you live but where I'm from you have to be 16+ to get a monroe piercing without an adult.

Can you hide a monroe piercing?

Ahhh No.

Does a nose piercing hurt more than cartlidge or a Monroe?

it hurts less than a cartilage piercing but more than a monroe.

What is the difference between a Marilyn Monroe piercing and a Madonna piercing?

A Monroe is the upper left lip and a Madonna is the upper right lip

How long can you take your Monroe piercing out?

If the piercing is over a year old you can remove the Monroe piercing for several hours without fear of the piercing healing closed. Prior to a year you are taking a gamble on how your body will respond to the jewellery being out of the piercing.

Is the monroe piercing for lesbians?

no its for anyone who wants it =]

Can you get zits above you Monroe piercing?


Can you wear a nose stud in a monroe piercing?


When getting a monroe piercing can you get numbing agent?


What do you need for a Monroe piercing?

an upper lip

Monroe piercing left or right?

It's up to you, but the Monroe to actually be a Monroe would be done on your left cheek.

Where can you find a spacer for your monroe piercing?

Any body piercing studio will carry spacers.

How old to get a monroe piercing done in North Carolina?

Call a piercing studio and ask.

What is a Monroe piercing?

A Monroe piercing is a piercing placed off-centre in the upper lip, meant to resemble a beauty mark; it is also known as a 'Madonna' or 'Crawford'. Reference:

Im looking for a site that you can just upload a photo and try on different piercings you would like to get one for real but you want to check them all out before you have a lready got a few suggestio?

If you have a friend that uses photoshop, you can actually "draw" on a piercing and move it around to find a perfect piercing. Have them draw a circle, set the layer properties so it looks 3D and then move it around. It worked for me and helped me decide to get a Monroe piercing! :D

How old to you have to be in Missouri to get a piercing?

I was thirteen when i got a monroe piercing. My mom had to take me, and my birth certificate.

On what side should you get your Monroe piercing?

if you have other piercings, get the monroe on the opposite side of the other piercings.

What is the smallest gauge you can have for a monroe piercing?

1.2mm or 16g

How old do you have to be to get a monroe piercing in Sarnia Ontario?


Can you get a Marilyn Monroe piercing while pregnant?


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