How do you renew your passport?

This is information about renewing a US Passport by mail. The procedure will be different for renewing it in person or if you are from a different country. There is information at the related link for US citizens. A US post-office is an excellent place to do this.

You can renew by mail if:

  • Already have a passport that is not damaged; and
  • Received it within the past 15 years; and
  • Were at least age 16 when it was issued; and
  • Still have the same name as in passport (or you can legally document your name change).
(If any of these do not apply to you, you must apply in person.)

Here are the steps

  1. Fill Out Form DS-82Submit your Most Recent U.S. Passport
  2. Include Name Change Documents (if applicable) . You must provide a certified copy of the legal name change document.
  3. Provide a Photo
  4. Calculate Fees
  5. Mail Completed Application

For more details on the U.S. Passport process, please check out the United States State Department website: