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Often the latch mechanism needs a little lubrication. Get a little lithium based spray lube and shoot it INSIDE the latching mechanism. Make sure you wipe off the excess so that you don't get it all over you next time you get in. Also, if the hinge pins are getting worn you might find that lifting slightly takes some of the pressure off the striker bolt. When a Suburban door is opened from the outside you are lifting on the handle. That might be enough to take a little pressure off the striker bolt. Check the hinge pins by lifting slightly on the door while it's open. If the door is loose at the hinge you'll need new pins and bushings. BTW, that's another point where you should spray a little lubricant. Put a little lube on the top and bottom of each hinge pin in a place where it can work itself in.

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Q: How do you repair 1999 Chevy Suburban doors that are so hard to open from the inside that they have to be leaned on but are easy to open from the outside?
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