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it is very simple, from the passenger side of the car look way down behind the engine for a two wire connector, there are two I think 10mm bolts holding the VSS or the vehicle speed sensor, this thing is your problem , I got one at a wreckers for twenty bucks because they didn't know what it was, I'm sure it's alot more expensive from the dealer. when you take it out be very carefull not to lose the little drive shaft, its only about an inch long and very small.all your problems with the flashing lights will go away and the speedo will work again. good luck. let me know how it goes and how much for the VSS.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-24 04:38:47
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Q: How do you repair a 1991 Honda Accord speedometer that stops working and the engine light comes on causing a rough idle?
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Where does the speedometer cable hook to on a Honda Accord?

The speedometer cable hooks up to the engine in a Honda Accord. This is how the vehicle is able to calculate speed.

What would cause a speedometer to stop working on a 1996 Honda Accord?

there is a sensor in one of the drive shaft that finds the speed it could either be that or the engine computer is failing

You replaced your Starter in your 98 Honda Accord Now the Tackometer and Speedometer aren working and the check engine light are on?

Sorry, I don't know what u mean. Do u mean what to do?

My check engine light came on and speedometer stopped working?

Nope, bet it was the other way around... Your speedometer stopped working and your check engine light came on. A broken speedometer (don't know what car so I can't pinpoint it) will cause a whole bunch of codes.

Speedometer is not working 1995 Eagle Talon?

check your speedometer sensor located back left of engine bay on top of the transmission

Why does your speedometer and odometer not work on your 97 Toyota Camry?

the speedometer on my 97 toyota camary stopped working and the check engine light came on why

Why does the speedometer quit when the check engine light comes on?

I once had the same problem in my 89 Sunbird turbo. The computer "ECM" went bad and the speedo stopped working. I would see what ECM codes you have causing the check engine light and go from there.

95 Honda accord recently speedometer either gets jumpy or stops working all together Then the engine light comes on you think its the speed sensor problem is you can't find the thing Please help?

You need to replace your coil. I had the same problem on a95' accord and the new coil cleared it up.

1987 Chevy Celebrity speedometer not working?

There are several possibilities why the speedometer is not working. The VSS, vehicle speed sensor may have failed or become unplugged. The speedometer may have failed, or the ECM, engine control module, may have failed or there could also be wiring issues.

If speedometer gauge is not working does engine check light suppose to come on?

The check engine light only comes on for something that affects emissions

Check engine light on and speedometer stop working on a 1991 Honda?

I think you need a speed sensor

2002 Tahoe will not shift abs light on speedometer stopped working all at the same time?

2002 Tahoe speedometer quit working and trans will not shift, ABS light on. NEW ANSWER: You need to have the engine and transmission scanned with an OBDII engine scanner so you can find out what speed sensor has gone bad / quite working.

1999 caravan Speedometer isn't working and check engine light is on?

You need to have it checked for codes to know what to diagnose.

Your 1995 Honda accord ex check engine light came on and the speedometer started working intermittently and when in drive the indicator light was flashing What causes this?

You most likely have a bad vehicle speed sensor, it's what gives the signal to the spedo. And it is tied into your cars powertrain control system, that's why the check engine light is on.

The Check Engine Light came on and the transmission seemed to stop shifting properly and the speedometer is not working?

Bad speed sensor.

Why won't 99 doge ram truck shift from first gear with check engine light on and speedometer cable not working?

most likely, transmission, goes into failsafe more, (2nd-gear)...trans-computer see no output from speedo, causing this concer

Why is speedometer and odometer not working 1998 Nissan pathfinder?

maybe your speed sensor is bad you will get a check engine light on the dashboard too.

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