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Possible sHad same problem here with my V8, 4.6L. The codes would pop-up that the fuel mixture was too lean... this could be that 1) the wires in the air flow box have collected some dirt inside, 2) the heat sensor is going bad, 3) the oxygen sensors are going bad (they usually cause a too rich code though), or 4) the air flow assembly may have warped.
  1. 1 can be addressed by sometimes tapping on the air flow box (little black box on top of the assembly - off of the air filter) and seeing if that loosens the dirt. If not, you need to get a special fit hex-star bit to unscrew the box and open it up.
  1. 3 is the most expensive, as oxygen sensors cost approx. $70 apiece to replace. If you're going to do one, might as well do both. This should be your last resort though. (Find out exactly which codes you get before investing the money into oxygen sensors.)
  1. 4 air flow assemblies cost about $85 and are relatively easy to put on.



***remove and clean your MAF sensor. $0.00 problem fixed



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Q: How do you repair a 1997 Mercury Cougar when the service engine light codes reveal fuel mixture too lean?
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