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How do you repair a 1997 Plymouth Voyager HVAC fan that does not work on the first and second speeds?

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Make sure the car is OFF.

Open your hood and look on the passenger side firewall between the inner fender and the heater blower motor. You will see a black rectangular device with a grey connector on it. Unplug the connector, and remove the two self-tapping screws that hold this rectangle in.

The device that you just removed is known as a 'resistor block'. Look at it carefully, and you will probably notice that one or more of the coiled wires have separated from the terminals. This indicates a failed block.

You can get a replacement from several sources (Dealer, NAPA, or junkyard).

Installation is the reverse of removal.

That's all there is to it, under 5 minutes from start to finish!

2015-07-15 21:31:03
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