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How do you repair a 1999 Honda Accord that is stuck in park?

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I have a 99 Honda Accord that gets stuck in park also. To release the gearshift (this is an automatic) there is a small rectangular cover that outlines the base of where the gearshift is. It is kind of a frame about 1/2 wide. You can take a flathead screwdriver, put it under any side of the frame and pop the cover up and out. It comes out pretty easily and has four tabs that hold it in. Once that is removed, look to the left side of where it was snaped in. You'll see two small slits about an inch in length. Locate the top slit (you can hold the frame next to it to find where the top one is) once you find it, go up to the very next slit, just about even with the (P)ark on the gearshift to the left. Take a small flathead screw driver that will fit inside the slit, DO ALL THE SAME TIME-PRESS DOWN WITH THE SCREWDRIVER FIRMLY, PRESS THE BRAKE PEDAL, THEN SHIFT THE GEARSHIFT AS YOU NORMALLY WOULD. Presto, it is easy as pie! Gregg

Sure ok that that is one way but over time you will wear out the selunoid for that release. One permanent way to fix it, is to see if your brake lights are working when you press the brakes if they are not then you found the problem. The problem would be that you need a new brake switch which costs about $38 but that would be the solution. The brake switch is located above the brake pedal and requires a medium wrench to take it out.

2009-06-10 22:17:42
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Q: How do you repair a 1999 Honda Accord that is stuck in park?
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