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If the knob is broken go to the dealer and buy a new one they are like 10 bucks a piece. They install by just pushing them on.

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Q: How do you repair a Dodge Stratus heater directional knob that has become disconnected?
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How do you change a heater core on a 1986 Chevrolet truck?

Loosen the dash and pull out the complete heater box after you have disconnected the heater hose from the firewall...........

Why is your disconnected heater core still leaking?

There may have been some water left in the heater core when you disconnected both hoses at the firewall. I can't think of any other explanation since there is no water circulating through the heater core.

Does a 98 dodge stratus have a heater control valve?

No, the inside temp is controlled by a temp door inside the heater box.

What does it mean when it says heater circuit is high?

The circuit is open. Wires could be disconnected/damaged or the heater element is burned out.

What could cause the heater or defrost to NOT blow warm or hot in a 1988 Ford Bronco ll?

Blocked heater core, faulty heater valve, disconnected connection to the heater valve.

Will a broken thermostat in a dodge stratus make the heater not work?

yes if it stuck open.

Why want your heater in your 1999 silverodo turn down it just keeps getting hotter?

If your heater control is manual you probably have a cable that has become disconnected at the heater control valve or on the back of the panel. If you have an automatic temp control system you probably need a new temp control panel.

Why does your Heater fan only blow on high speed?

Switch problem? Cables disconnected?

Dodge Stratus water leaks from dash?

its most likely the heater core that's leaking

Where is the heater core located on a 2004 dodge stratus?

It is in the middle of the dash, inside the hvac housing.

Why doesn't your heater switch from defrost to heat on a 97 wrangler?

you probabally have a vacuum hose disconnected

If you disconnect the tankless water heater on your furnace and have an electric hot water heater installed will there be a problem when the furnace runs to heat the house?

Not if it was disconnected properly

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