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How do you repair a Saturn ignition switch?


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2015-07-15 20:49:42
2015-07-15 20:49:42

You don't you replace it.

switch removal 1. disconnect negative battery cable 2. remove the steering wheel 3. unplug the wires from the switch, remove the bolts and lift switch off steering column

ignition lock cylinder removal 1. disconnect negative battery cable 2. remove the steering wheel 3. remove the knee bolster and steering column cover screws 4. separate the steering column covers and pull the upper cover up for access to the lock release tab 5. with the key in the acc position, depress the release tab, then pull the lock cylinder straight out and remove it from the steering column.

Sounds easy right? Well, here are a few "details this guy left out. After you have disconnected the battery, and opened up the steering column, put the key in the switch. turn the key 2 clicks to the right (acc position). Here is the important missing detail, Facing the switch, look on the right side of the switch housing for a small (round) hole. It will be almost exactly the size if a wire clothes hanger. Next, get a wire coat hanger and cut it 6" and bend it in half, (this may need to be adjusted). Insert the hanger into the hole. You will need to position the hanger under the back of the lock. once the hanger is under the back lock, you may need to turn the CYLINDER back and forth to get a feel for where exactly the release tab is, you will feel it as you apply downward pressure to the handle part of your home made hanger tool. Now SLOWLY apply upward pressure to the tab inside the back of the lock, and turn the key slightly counter clockwise as you do, pull straight out. IT TOOK ME 3 HOURS TO FIGURE THIS PROCEDURE OUT, BUT I CAN GET ONE OUT IN ABOUT 10 SECONDS NOW. LESS THAN 1 MINUTE REMOVING ALL THE COLUMN AND SO FORTH. !! IT SHOULD!


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you cannot repair the switch,you must replace and relearn.gmjim

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the wire is Yellow coming out of the ignition switch going to the Neutural safety switch, then purple from the neutual safety switch to the starter

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There is NO emergency cutoff switch on ANY s-series. The ignition key is the only "switch"

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