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It is impossible. Buy a new one. Don't waste your time!

I found a good fix @ Please contact Toyota (phone number in your owner manual) to document this defect, the more complaints they receive, the better the chance of a recall.

A more complete URL to the page referenced in the second answer is ...

I used that successfully to repair the broken rear door latch on my 2000 Toyota Sienna. ("Buy a new one" is ~$65. I made the repair with tools and screws lying around the house in about an hour's time. Repair at the dealer reportedly is ~$300.)

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What part do you need to order to repair a broken lift gate lock on a 2007 Toyota Sienna?

I would check with Toyota and make sure its not covered by recall. Our 2004 had both of them fail and Toyota replaced them for free.

How do you repair electrical short on 1998 Toyota Sienna?

Where is the short at? What is malfunctioning?

How do you replace or repair a broken rear door handle on a 2002 Toyota Sienna because it does not appear to be the same as the 2001 Sienna on the Find One Find All website?

Upon further inspection, the rear door handle assembly on the 2002 Toyota Sienna IS the same as that shown on the Find One Find All website, so never mind.

How do you fix door latch on trunk of 2000 Toyota Sienna?

The following link has instructions, diagrams and pictures showing how to make this repair easily and inexpensively:

How do you replace the rear door handle on a 1999 Toyota Sienna minivan?

check out this website it tells you how to repair the handle since it cost about $65.00 to buy a new one.

How much to repair Toyota Sienna front flex exhaust pipe?

You can get a replacement part from RockAuto for about $65 and have it locally installed for under $100.

How do you repair the seat heater on your 2004 Sienna?

Toyota has issued a technical service bulletin for seat heater replacement. It seems that this is not an uncommon problem. The seat heater has been redesigned. You can find the bulletin here: or search on "toyota sienna seat heater problem"

How do you open hood Toyota Avensis when the release lever inside is broken?

Next to impossible. A new release lever will need to be installed. Take it to the Toyota dealer ... they built it, they know how to repair it.

What is the problem when your air bag light comes on in a 2006 Toyota Sienna?

There are pages of things that will set a code and turn on airbag lights. Take to a repair shop and have diagnosed. Airbag systems are not for the diy'r

How do you repair a car door handle that is broken on the outside drivers side of a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Remove inner door panel for access

Where can one order a Toyota repair manual?

A repair manual for a Toyota manufactured vehicle can be found through the Toyota website. Free service manuals can be found online at the website 'Repair Service Manuals' under Toyota.

What is the torque spec for the brake calipers on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

I don't have 2000 specs, but according to the 2004 Sienna Repair Manual the torque spec for the front brake caliper mounting bolts is 79 ft-lbs and the torque spec for the brake pad pins is 25 ft-lbs.

Where can I get a repair manual for 2004 Toyota Sienna?

As far as I know, Haynes and Chiltons haven't published their manuals covering the 2004 Sienna. So the only one available appears to be Toyota's manual, available from any dealer's parts department or on ebay. From: Mark in Ohio (posted 5/12/08)

How do you repair a broken rear electric window for a 1998 Toyota Sienna?

If the window glass is broken, I suggest you take it to a trim shop as it is quite complicated to install a new glass. If the window just won't go up and down, you need to take the trim pannel off and check out where it isn't getting voltage. It probably is the motor though which is kind of complicated to replace but you can get a factory shop manual from MOTORLIT.COM to show you how but it is pretty expensive.

Is there a specific type of glue that can be used to repair a broken plastic exterior door handle on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

I would recommend J B Weld or Araldite for this.

Where is bank 2 sensor 1 oxygen sensor Toyota sienna 1998?

Bank 2 sensor 1 is the O2 sensor in the exhaust manifold closest to the firewall.Cut and paste the link below for a detailed fix with pics of the O2 sensor repair.""

What would it cost to replace or repair a cracked exhaust manifold in a 1995 Toyota tacoma?

what is the cost of repair of Toyota 4runner exhaust manifold

How do you repair Toyota Camry radiator hose connection pipe?

how to repair 1999 Toyota Camry radiator hose upper connection pipe

Do broken bones repair?


How do doctors repair broken bones?


What are some things I should be concerned about when looking for a hybrid mini-van?

Other than the fact that you'll get better MPG with a hybrid, I don't think there is that much of a difference. They're not more expensive to repair than a regular car. If you do have concerns, I suggest asking a salesman. Here is an article on the Toyota Sienna hybrid, one of the most popular hybrid mini vans:

How do you repair the petrol gauge in a Toyota tazz 1.30?

where is the voltage regulator on a toyota tazz

How do you repair the speedometer on a 1982 Toyota Supra?

Speedometers have to be repaired by an authorized repair shop.

How can you repair a broken vase?

Whether and how you can repair a broken vase depends on how badly damaged it is. Assuming it is in only a few pieces, using super glue will help to repair it as best as possible.

How do I repair my broken PC ?

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