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If it is gelcoat finish just clean out the chip, get all the loose material out, get a tiny bit of gel coat, add a few drops of catalyst and fill it in. Tape over it if need to hold it in place, or get a heat gun and blow on it a bit til it starts to dry. Then sand with wet/dry paper to get it flat. Buff if needed.

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Q: How do you repair a chip in a fiberglass pool and is it necessary to repair it?
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How do you repair large chip in fiberglass pool underwater?

Get a profesional to do it and do not swim in the pool until fixed.

Can you repair a crack three feet long in a fiberglass pool with the water still in the pool?


Why is the paint in your fiberglass swimming pool coming off?

gnomes come at night and chip it off

How do you repair a chip in plastic in-ground pool steps?

There are a number of ways you could repair a chip in a plastic in-ground pool. You could fill it with a plastic that hardens when it dries for example.

Is it possible to Repair osmotic blistering in a fiberglass pool?

yes with proper knowledge and time

Where to Purchase swimming pool gelcoat?

You would have to hire a fiberglass pool repair company to do the several layers of reconstruction of a fiberglass pool. The "gelcoat" is part of the surfacing proceedure and can not be purchased in a store or wholesale wharehouse.

What are the advantages of installing a fiberglass swimming pool as opposed to a concrete one?

Fiberglass swimming pools are easier to maintain, repair, and are less costly to install.

Can cracks in fiberglass pool steps be repaired?

Cracks in fiberglass pool steps can be repaired yes and just like new. You may have a liner pool with a fiberglass step or a straight fiberglass pool no matter which one you have, you will want to investigate the reason for the crack and if it is caused by pool backfill or other causes then address that before a cosmetic or structural repair can be expected to be successfull. This may be a job for a pool professional ie: You will also find most quality fiberglass pool manufacturers have repair teams which can assist your repair in the field for a reasonable cost or may qualify as warranty work, since things like defects can be part of a lifetime warranty program. Your swimming pool professional will also have the knowledge and tools for a permanent repair. One last note if your pool has also developed a leak run dont walk for a timely repair before you end up with even more problems, because you waited. good swimming

What would cause and how would you repair a fiberglass pool age unknown with rough texture on the steps and the feeling of fiberglass fibers in your skin after swimming?

We were getting fiberglass in our skin, so we had the pool resurfaced. They blasted away the old fiberglass an put a new coat in. It is supposed to last 12-15 years. Get the pool resurfaced. Find a company that REALLY KNOWS the business of resurfacing fiberglass.

What are common problems with fiberglass pools?

One major problem with fiberglass pools is that if the pool wall or floor develop a crack that starts to leak, DO NOT lower water level considerably nor empty the water out of the pool to try to repair it yourself as there is a high chance that the pool will pop out of the ground. ALWAYS contact your local fiberglass pool specialist to come and repair it. THIS ONE TIDBIT OF INFORMATION WILL SAVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY AND HEADACHES.

Can you drain a fiberglass pool?

Not recommended. If the fiberglass pool floats, it will do considerable damage.

How do you fiberglass an existing swimming pool?

What type of existing swimming pool? You can patch an existing fiberglass pool.

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