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It could be the fuse, a bad connection or the lighter itself. You'll need to find out which it is. First, start by checking for voltage at the back of the lighter. Use a volt meter or automotive test light to check for voltage at the wire as it enters the socket. If there is no voltage there, start tracking back to the next connector. Keep going until you find a place where there is voltage, then, with a little inductive logic, you'll know what to fix.

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Q: How do you repair a cigarette lighter that doestn't work on 1998 Civic hatch back?
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Where is the fuse located on a 1994 Honda Civic cigarette lighter?

The fuse on the 1994 Honda Civic cigarette lighter is located under the dash on the driver's side.

Where is cigarette lighter on 1997 civic dx?

there is no cigarette lighter in the 96-00 civics. it should be obvious by the lack of an ashtray as well......

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse exactly located at on a 2001 Honda Civic?

The cigarette lighter fuse is located in the cabin fuse box on a 2001 Honda Civic. The fuse can be found in slot 18.

What is the fuse number for the cigarette lighter on a 98 Honda civic EX?

its 27

What is the fuse number for the cigarette lighter on a 2005 Honda Civic EX?


What fuse belongs to the radio and the cigarette lighter in a 94 Honda civic?

15 amp

Cigarette lighter doesn't work in Honda civic?

Check the fuse, wiring and element.

Any ideas why the Lighter socket doesn't work in Honda Civic EX 1998 when the car is turned ON and fuse is OK?

1998 honda civic ex cigarette lighter

How do you fix a cigarette lighter in a 2004 Honda civic ex?

What is wrong with it??? EXPLAIN more please!

Were can I find a Cigarette lighter for a 1991 Honda civic?

try calling your local wrecking yard

What is the cigarette lighter fuse number for 2008 Honda civic?

29 - its a blue 15 amp fuse

What is the fuse number for the cigarette lighter on a 97 Honda Civic EX?

27, under the dash panel.

How do you fix a cigarette lighter in a Honda Civic?

Have you checked your fuse panel underneath your dash on drivers side?

How do you install a cigarette lighter 1990 Honda civic?

A cigarette lighter on a 1990 Honda Civic is held on by prongs on the side of the part. Use a flat head screwdriver to push the prongs in so the unit can be pulled out. Unplug the wiring. Plug the wire into the new unit and slide it back in.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse exactly located at on a 2000 Honda Civic?

should be under the steering wheel in all the fuses

Where is the cigarette lighter in a 1996 civic?

Usually they should be above the cup-holders, unless your is like mine and doesn't have one lol

How do you change do cigarette lighter fuse for a 1994 Honda Civic?

Refer to your Civics owner manual or contact a certified mechanic to replace the fuses.

What is the fuse number for a cigarette lighter on 2007 Honda Civic EX?

I found #29 a 15amp small fuse in the fuse box under the steering wheel was the cigarette lighter fuse. The fuse extractor is a plastic tool located in the engine compartment fuse box lid together with spare fuses. My Honda Civic is a 2007 New Zealand car. Hope this helps.

Does a 1997 Honda Civic have a cigarette lighter?

My '97 EX 2-door coupe does not. It has a power outlet below the radio, just above the cassette player.

Where is the fuse located on a 1994 Honda Civic cigarette lighter-?

Visit a mechanic for any auto repairs, if you lack car knowledge, you risk damaging your car more.

How do you change do cigarette lighter fuse for a 1994 Honda Civic-?

Directions on changing a fuse for your 1994 Honda Civic are in the vehicle's manuals. If you do not have the manuals; take the fuse box cover off and on the inside is a directory, find which fuse goes to the cigarette lighter and using needle nose pliers or a fuse puller remove the bad fuse ad replace with a new fuse with the same amps. ( Fuses are color coded by amps.)

How do you replace a cigarette lighter for a 2000 Honda Civic?

First of all, be sure to check for a blown fuse. Then, you will have to pull the ashtray and expose the lighter charging coil, which is the round metal piece that the actual lighter rests in. Disconnect your battery, and then disconnect the wiring harness clip from the back of your lighter, then you twist the lighter counterclockwise to unseat it for removal. Installation is the reversal of these steps.

How do you remove the dashboard of a 2002 Honda civic lx to get the radio out?

Takeout the cigarette lighter panel. There are 2 screws that hold on the radio assemly. Take them out and the whole thing slides right out.

How do I Replace auxiliary power outlet 1998 civic it pulled out of the dash?

The 1998 Honda Civic models were not available with auxiliary outputs. The cigarette lighter was used power outlet in those vehicles. To replace the outlet press down the side prongs so the assembly can come off. Then unplug the wires. Replace by plugging in the wires and sliding in the new lighter assembly.

Repair key lock on 2005 Honda Civic?

How do you repair a key lock on 2005 Honda Civic car? Thanks Nina Scott