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I have a 93 and did these steps Not too difficult BUT you must be CAREFUL and have patience.... IF NOT = STOP STOP Disconnect your battery = you do not want airbag to inflate by error or cause a short in any dash module. I highly recommend MARKING screws and pieces as you remove them take some digital pictures to help refer back to REMEMBER TO CAREFULLY REMOVE /REPLACE ANY CONNECTORS do not break pins or plastic connectors ALSO NOTE WHICH AREA LIGHT IS OUT = has several bulbs NOW You must first remove BEZEL.. plastic piece that covers CLUSTER box There is a narrow strip on top ( looks like a vent ) It snaps in place (has a bunch of fingers) so CAREFULLY pull or pry it up This strip covers screws for WARNING LIGHT MODULE Remove the screws to the WARNING module CAREFULLY lift it and remove connector to it ( might be blue ) Place module in a SAFE place !! DO NOT DROP OR BANG IT You can now remove screws that hold BEZEL = a few along back edge and a few at bottom dash. Once BEZEL is loose, you need to unplug connectors to Light and WIPER switches. I had 3 on LIGHT and 1 on WIPER. Be sure you know which connector goes where Set BEZEL in safe place NOW You will see CLUSTER box STOP HERE = MAKE SURE SHIFT LEVER IS IN PARK WHY?? = gear indicator cable goes into back of CLUSTER box You can now remove the screws that hold CLUSTER box CAREFULLY pull the box forward and look at back where shift cable goes in...there probably are 2 screws that hold shift indicator to CLUSTER box. You can remove them = indicator can be removed THERE may also be a light connector that you will need to unplug DO NOT BEND OR TWIST INDICATOR CABLE NOW CLUSTER box should be free HANDLE CLUSTER BOX WITH CARE = SENSITIVE WITH GAUGES The bulbs twist into place = USE CARE removing / installing into circuit board OK now reverse steps to put back together. DO NOT FORCE PIECES OR CONNECTORS INTO PLACE you can do a lot of damage Make sure you connect ALL CONNECTORS to proper places BE SURE INDICATOR CABLE IS NOT TWISTED OR PINCHED = MUST BE FREE OR INDICATOR MAY NOT MOVE PROPERLY!!!!!! About an hour in time to do it carefully

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Q: How do you repair a cluster light on a 1994 Dodge Caravan?
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Where is the brake light fuse found on a 1996 dodge grandcaravan

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