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Your car if its a stick is not pulling out of gear all the way and your moter overrevs

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What companies offer clutch repair?

Advanced Clutch seems to be a growing clutch repair shop all over the country. Many local machine shops also repair clutches of different makes and models.

How much does it cost to repair a clutch in a 2000 Nissan Maxima?

The average cost to repair a 2000 Nissan Maxima clutch is $600. The clutch will cost approximately $75. The labor will make out the rest of the cost.

How much to repair a sunroof on a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass GLS?

The cost to repair your 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass sunroof is dependent upon the condition of the sunroof. It will cost approximately $700 to completely replace the sunroof.

Why does the front end of your car shake while accelerating in first gear?

If it is a manual transmission I would suspect you have clutch problems. Possibly gear lube or hydraulic clutch fluid has leaked onto the clutch surface. The only repair is to replace the clutch and repair the leak. When you let the clutch out this causes the clutch to chatter thus causing the shaking.

How much to repair a clutch on a mini cooper?

The cost to repair a clutch on a mini-cooper is going to be upwards of $400. There are several parts that will be replaced - and labor costs add to that.

How do you repair 94 cutlass?

With special 94 Oldsmobile tools........be more specific

How do you repair a clutch in your Mazda 1991 pu b2600i?

See if your public library has a Chilton's for your car to replace the clutch.

How install clutch tercel?

buying the repair manual it tells you how to do it.

Chassis wiring for a 1988 olds cutlass?

get a chiltons repair manual from the library for your car.

How can you fix the clutch in a 1992 GMC Sierra?

Clutch repair for a 1992 Sierra will depend on the problem. Clutch systems consist of the clutch, pressure plate and a master and slave cylinder. These parts are not repairable, and the part that has failed will have to be replaced.

How do you fix your speedometer on your 1990 Oldsmobile cutlass?

May have to take it to a certified speedometer repair shop

How do i Bleed a clutch on Renault traffic van?

Repairs, such as bleeding the clutch, on a Renault traffic van can be found how to do in a repair instruction book or from the advice of a mechanic.

How would you repair a clutch disc that is oil cantaminated?

You replace it. The oil is in the clutch face and if you use it, the face will come off of the disc. There is no way to clean it.

How do you repair a clutch on a 91 Ford Festiva?

Depends on what exactly is wrong with it :) Unless it is about simply replacing or adjusting the clutch cable, replacing the clutch involves removing transmission out, which means taking the axles out etc.

Pictures relacing clutch 1996 Geo Metro?

Your local library has repair manuals.

Can the clutch on a 1989 Bronco be adjusted?

yes check out the Chilton auto repair guide

Can i straight swap a v8 5.0l Y 1985 cutlass motor into a v6 3.6l 1985 cutlass?

When attempting to swap motors or doing any repair work, it is best to consult an automobile professional.

Clutch stuck to pressure plate how do repair it?

The clutch will have to be replaced. The pressure plate could possibly be resurfaced but usually it is as cost effective to replace the pressure plate.

How much does it cost to repair the clutch on a 2002 citroen sara Picasso?

I have a 2004 HDI 1.6 Desire. The clutch broke completely after 105,000 kms. The local repair workshop originally quoted 590€ for the repair. When I collected it yesterday, the bill was 1,350€ and I am still shaking. There appear to be two parts to the clutch. They had quoted for repairing one part, but both were totally broken. Good luck! Steve in Spain.

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