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Try recharging it as a start, which is something you can do at home. If it doesn't work after that, take it to a service tech and have it tested for leaks.

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Q: How do you repair a flaky air conditioner in a 1997 Ford Windstar?
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How do you fix an air conditioner in a 1997 Chevrolet 1500?

First, look for an air conditioner repair person. Or call Chevrolet Company for advice.

Where is the jack on a 1997 Ford Windstar?

On a 1997 Ford Windstar : The jack is supposed to be in the cargo area , behind a removable panel on the passenger side

Were is the main power fuse on a 1997 ford windstar?

In the museum.

What will a 3.8 1997 ford windstar engine fit into?

A recycle bin.

How do you repair the wiper linkage on a 1997 Nissan Maxima?

how do i repair 1997 nissan maxima wiper linkage

How do you fix an air conditioner on a 1997 Geo Metro?

Hey Ryan==Take it ot the garage. To repair air conditioners youneed to have many special tools including a refrigerant recucler. GoodluckJoe

Can you put a 1997 ford escort alternator in a 2002 windstar?

No - not at all similar

Will a 2000 Ford Windstar windshield fit a 1997 Ford Windstar?

The Windstar was redesigned in 1999 - don't plan on it fittingCheck with a local auto glass shop - I'm sure they'll offer the definitive answer

How do you repair 1997 eclipse fuel filter?

You do not repair it you just replace it.

What ac compressors interchange with a 1997 4.3 liter v6 Chevy s10?

Any air-conditioner compressor, from a 4.3 liter Chevy engine, will interchange with an air conditioner compressor from a 1997 Chevy S 10. The air conditioner compressors are identical.

How do you repair a 1997 Dodge Neon?

Get a repair manual and a box of tools, troubleshoot the problem and follow the directions to repair it.

Can you drive with one intake manifold runner stuck open on a 1997 Ford Windstar.?

yes you can

1997 Lincoln Continental Front Door Repair Diagram?

What are you trying to repair on the door?

How do you repair the odometer to a 1997 dodge neon?

== ==

AC filter of a 1997 BMW Z3?

There is no air conditioner filter in a Z3.

Where is the filter for the air conditioner located for a 1997 ford escort?

It doesn't have one.

Where is the ac drain tube located on a 1997 Pontiac firebird?

You can find the air conditioning drain tube for your 1997 Pontiac Firebird on the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The drain tube will be near the back of the air conditioner compressor.

Where is the filter for a 1997 Dodge Intrepid air conditioner?

It does not have a cabin air filter if that is what you are looking for.

Where is the ac port for a 1997 ford windstar located?

Its located on the a/c accumulator which will be on the passengers side next to the firewall......

Why would a 97 Ford Windstar not start all of a sudden when there was no starting problems previously?

There are a few reasons why a 1997 Ford Windstar may not start. It could be the alternator, battery, bad plug, or even the starter.

How do you repair an ignition switch on a 1997 GMC Jimmy 4X4?

you cannot repair the switch,you must replace and relearn.gmjim

How to Repair odometer 1997 Nissan Altima?

odom in/out:12800

Where is the air conditioner recharge valve for a 1997 ford explorer XLT?

Its on top of the a/c accumulator.................

How do you fix the air conditioner on a 1997 camaro?

did you try going to a auto store an buying a can to recharge it??

1997 Ford Expedition air conditioner stem?

The Air conditioner low pressure stem is on the accumulator (silver cylinder), which is next to the firewall on the passenger side of the engine compartment.