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How do you repair a loose front bumper of a 1997 Buick Park Avenue or is somthing missing?


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2011-09-12 20:39:47
2011-09-12 20:39:47

There are two exposed Phillips screws at the wheel well (and one behind the wheel well that attaches to the fender), and many square hole head plastic screws underneath the bumper cover across the front. I would check all of these first.


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If you are wondering if there are any auto mechanics who can repair your bumper because your bumper is broken, then the answer is yes. There auto mechanics that can repair your bumper.

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Bumper repair is the most common form of automobile repair performed in the United States. Front and rear bumper damage is very common because people tend to back up and hit things. The front bumper is more expensive to replace than the rear bumper, because the front bumper usually has more attachments and protective features to protect the car’s engine.Bumper repair is not cheap, especially if the front bumper has been hit hard and damaged severely. Depending on the car bumper, repair can cost anywhere from $500-$2000 and require days of work by the mechanic. Bumper repair is the most common form of automobile repair done in the United States and Europe. If you are looking to save money bumper repair can be avoided by simply replacing the entire front bumper and buying a stock part from the car manufacturer.Unfortunately, this method of saving money can take much more time than simply having the front bumper repair. You will have to wait on the car manufacturer to send the entire part to you, and then you will have to paint the bumper or get it painted by a professional. It is recommended that you get the bumper painted by a professional so it matches the color of the rest of the car. This method of bumper repair will save you money, but it will take double the amount of time to fix.Do not try to drive your car without the bumper. Driving without bumper is extremely dangerous because it exposes the engine to debris that may fly into it, or if you get into an automobile accident without a bumper, you are going to experience much more damage to the rest of the car because the bumpers absorb shock.Bumper repair services can be found in the internet by doing a simple search. Doing a search on the internet for bumper repair will also bring up the various mechanics in your local area, so if you are searching for a professional bumper repair man, a good way to find one is to search the internet. Bumper repair is not cheap, so drive safely, and avoid getting into a collision with another car or an object.

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do i have to buy the brackets wit the bumper when i buy it

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A repair manual for the 1998 Buick Park Avenue would have a brakes repair diagram. A popular book is the Haynes Repair Manual.

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Auto Zone has a bumper epoxy/screen repair for holes & gouges for $7, I think it was made by Bondo.

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