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replace it

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Q: How do you repair a noisy blower motor on a 2003 Tundra?
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Blower motor noisy?

The following can cause this problem.................. 1. Bad blower motor. 2. Bad blower motor wheel. 3. Trash in the blower housing...

What are the signs that your blower motor is going out in a Chevy 1997 blazer?

They get noisy, squeal and vibrate. Also if you keep burning out the blower motor resistor, that is a sign the blower motor is on its way out.

How do you fix a noisy heater fan on 2002 Mercury Sable?

Your ac/heater blower motor may be going out, located below the glove box compartment.See "Related Questions" below for more about this easy do-it-yourself repair.

I have a noisy blower motor in my 1997 Chevy cavalier where is it if you have too replace the motor?

Behind the glove box inside the car. Small space to work but takes about 1/2 hour to replace. It's an easy do-it-yourself for about $50. Auto repair shops will charge $150-$300.

Why is a BMW exhaust noisy?

its the motor

What is the cure for a noisy gas fireplace fan?

Dust from drywall cutting for example is fine enough to get into the blower fan motor and cause a squeaking noise. You'll need to replace the fan if this is the case.

How do you fix a noisy ceiling fan motor?

Ceiling fan motor is squeaking

If there is no air moving through the vehicle when the heater is engaged could that be the heater blower motor is so where is it located and how difficult is it to change?

-yes-if it work on hi only, check blower resistor-did you check the fuses-hit the blower with a hammer and see it that gets it going. if so, replace-has the blower been noisy lately? if so, replace-what kind of car is this? edsel? corvair? skyline?

What can be used to stop noisy lifters?

Seafoam Motor Treatment.

How do you fix a noisy blower fan?

remove the motor, some times its a buildup of leaves or debris stuck in the (squirrel cage fan blade) if no debris motor is old and bearing is worn you can run the blower while it it out of heater box but hold on with 2 hands and have someone turn switch you dont want to break plastic fan blade cage by bumping into dashboard at 600 rpm

What happens if the motor operate but is noisy?

You didn't say what type of motor. If an electric motor it could be the shaft bearing(s) are worn.

Why would pool pump motor be very noisy?

Why would pool pump motor be very nosiy all of a sudden

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