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Q: How do you repair a nonworking fuel gauge to a 1966 Plymouth Valiant?
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How would you fix a nonworking gas gauge on a 1996 Lincoln town car?

either replace the sending unit or the dash gauge, that is if there is electricity getting to the sending unit.

Where can you find info on a 12 gauge browning valiant how old is it?

The Stevens gun Co made a valiant line, but it was not a Browning model. Please be more specific as to what you have.

Who made the Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge shot gun and What is the Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge shot gun worth?

I believe that the Plymouth side by sides were made by Cresent Firearms.

Can you splice a small length of 16 gauge wire to 18 gauge wire for a repair?

Yes, you splice a small length of 16 gauge wire to 18 gauge wire for a repair.

How can i find Any info on a browning 16 gauge pump shotgun valiant?

Customer service at

Need to know what the value of a 1915 Valiant 16 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun?


How do you replace a nonworking gas gauge for a 1988 Lincoln town car?

First you have to determine if the problem is the gauge in the dash, a bad fuel level sending unit, or a wiring problem. You'll need a digital ohm meter and a wiring diagram to check it out. If you're sure it's the dash gauge and the gauge is part of the instrument cluster, you can take it to a local speedometer repair shop and they can fix it. Or, you can look on the internet for speedometer/instrument repair shops. Rick I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology. Visit my blog for cool articles and TSB's:

Where is fuel gauge for a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

The gauge is part of the instument cluster ( the part with the speedometer ).The gauge is part of the instument cluster ( the part with the speedometer ).

12 gauge shotgun repair?

Take it to a qualified gunsmith

How do you repair a non functioning gas gauge in 1996 Mazda B2300 pickup?

you need to replace the gas gauge sending unit in the tank, or your gauge is broken

How much does it cost to repair a broken gas gauge?

are you sure it is not the sending unit

Gas gauge dont work?

Get it repaired at your local car repair shop.

How do you repair a 1999 Camaro 3.8l with nonworking speedometer and odometer but other gauges work fine?

check the vss located on the tailshaft of the transmission for the speedometer issue the odometer is figured out based on the speedometer also so it will quit as well. this sounds like either the sensor is bad or a short in the wire from it The cord for the speedometer came undone from the transmission or the gauge cluster is bad

Why wouldn't a gas register work on a 1993 Plymouth Voyager?

Bad gauge or stuck float in tank

How much is a Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge worth?

between $250.00 and $400.00 depending on condition

How much is a Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge shot gun worth?

50-100 USD

How do you repair heat gauge 1997 mercury villager?

More likely the temp sensor has gone bad than the gauge is actually bad.

How do you repair the petrol gauge in a Toyota tazz 1.30?

where is the voltage regulator on a toyota tazz

How would you fix nonworking gas gauge on 1988 Lincoln Town Car?

Answer Replace it. Just replaced mine as it was always on "Full" or above. Seems to be OK now. Aussie Bill. +++ Fair enough but I'd suggest seeing if the fault is elsewhere first, such as a poor electrical connection on the supply or earth side of the sender or gauge. If these are OK... establish if it is the sender on the tank, or the gauge itself, that has failed.

Who made the Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge shot gun?

Most likely a store brand made by Crescent.

How do you repair capillary tube and refill oil temp gauge?

you dont you replace the whole thing

What is the cost to repair ejector on Browning Lightning A5 12 gauge?

50-200 usd

Why do you need a tire gauge when fixing a flat tire?

To be aware of what air pressure you are inflating it to after the repair.

Where is the Fuse for the fuel gauge on a 1994 Ranger?

According to my Chilton repair manual , fuse # 16 is a 15 amp fuse for the fuel gauge on a 1994 Ford Ranger

How do you replace or repair a broken speedometer on a 92 camaro rs?

If it is the gauge you have to pull the gauge cluster. If it is the cable you have to get under the car and replace it. It will be the only cable on the tranny. Good luck