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This sounds like a complicated repair, but in fact it is straight forward. Just take your time.. 1) get a couple of sandwich plastic bags and a role of masking tape. As you remove screws, etc. label where you took them off and place them in the sandwich bag (Ziplock bag). 2) you want to methodically remove the inside door panal...start with the armrest and remove it from the inside of the door. 3) next remove the interior door handle (the one you use to open the door to exit the vehicle. 4) continue removing all fasteners that secure the interior door panel (label, number in sequence, and bag each piece you remove so you know how where go when you reassemble). 5) once the door panel is off you can reach up inside the door and feel (2) nuts which you will losen and remove the take the mirror off the exterior of the door (this nut will be metric...usually around 10mm). BEFORE removing the mirror be sure to unplug the wiring at the connector. These little buggers can be tricky to figure out the first time, but they are usually pretty easy to figure out...take your time. 6) I suggest going on-line to search for a USED mirror. You can email you specific year and model and several Junk Yards will respond to you via email. Be sure to get the paint id code off your car and include this too! I have found a few mirrors cheap that are a perfect color match this way. Negotiate the price and you'll have a win-win!

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Q: How do you repair a passenger side power mirror on a infiniti Q45 I broke mirror backing out of garage mirror hanging on mirror arm with cable wires?
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