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You put a sim card in it.

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You hold the action replay card in your ds (Until it says to insert game card)and turn it on and then it will say insert game card and then you insert game card

Try cleaning the metal contacts with a soft cloth. That applies to the contacts inside the phone, and the ones on the card itself. If that doesn't work, it may be a fault on the card itself. In which case, contact your service provider and ask for a replacement.

That means either your sim card is defective and it will not load the service or it means that the device is defective. Take it to the store and have them look at it

You can use a Vodafone SIM on a T Mobile phone as long as the phone is unlocked. If you are getting a message that says, "Invalid SIM Card" or "Incorrect SIM Card" when you insert your Vodafone SIM, then that means the phone is still locked to T Mobile, so you would need to unlock it first.

it means that the SIM card is not in properly

If your iPhone says no sim, that means it is missing the sim card that is needed to operate the phone.

Insert the memory card into the phone, go to Menu>Fun and Apps>Files>Images>Memory Card. If the card is not formatted for the phone, it will ask you to format it, choose yes. For others that don't know about the SDHC issue. You can use up to a 4GB memory card, but it can NOT be an SDHC card, even though the phone store guy that doesn't have a clue will try and sell you an SDHC card for which you will spent lots of time trying to get to work. If it says HC on it, it will not work with this phone

It depends what it says on the memory card if it says nothing then put it into a card reader/phone connect it via usb to your pc and go to its properties

Throw your phone as far away from you as possible! It's about to explode!

Usually it means you have to get a phone card that should help.

Well first you open it then when you do, you will see the sim card thingy thing. Then look a little to your left the it says memory card insert.

take your game card out and blow on the botom of the back side of the game card. Then insert it again.

you may have some corrosion on the SIM connector terminals or on the card itself. try cleaning the terminals using a que-tip and 99% isopropyl alcohol. if that does not work you may need a replacement SIM card.

You have to get a new sim card or you put more money onto the card

Take the phone back, you cannot get it to work if the sim is not registered.

Contact your service provider - and ask them to unblock it.

If you are getting Invalid SIM or Incorrect SIM when you insert a SIM card from a GSM provider, then it would mean that the Blackberry phone is still locked to the original carrier. You would need to unlock it first.

buy a new Sim card or consult a local mobile phone store

There should be some sort of slot on the side of your DSi that says "sd card" that you might push open somehow to insert your card. Contact Game Stop, or check a diff site to know hoW

It can mean that the number has been disconnected; that the owner of the phone has temporarily disconnected it; that there has been a mixup of phone numbers, that the phone neeeds repair work; or that the phone is in the process of obtaining a new number.

it's called a SIM and you can just put it in your phone, do what the phone says then you can use it. transfer all your old stuff in to the new one.

I had the memory card in my phone, i took it out and replaced it into my phone, now it says for the card to work it has to be formatted. I get the same thing when i put it into my computer. Is there anyway to get the files off without delting all my pictures and ringtones. Thanks

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