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How do you repair a power window on the passenger side of a 1997 Windstar?

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2011-10-20 20:08:10

If your 97 is like my 98, then this is the easiest way to get

out the old pw motor. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver,

drill with about 1/2 inch bit, a pull strap and a ratchet and

socket (i think it's a 5/16 inch socket) . Start out by removing 2

screws at bottom of door panel, then pop off black plastic by

mirror, then pop off trim around buttons, remove screw by the door

handle, lift straight up on door panel to get above door lock knob.

After the door panel, plastic, etc... is off , you see the pw motor

on the middle of the left side, you will notice the metal clamp

with a pull strap around the bottom, (it is pop riveted in, cut the

pull strap) you will see 3 small holes on the door (roughly 1/8

inch) drill those out to expose the mounting bolts holding the pw

motor in place (hold up the new pw to see and compare bolt holes),

now that is about the easiest way I can tell you, hope it works for

you. Btw, to get the bolts started back in the new pw motor, you

might want to use a piece of tape, or something to hold bolt in

socket or you will probably drop them several times due to finger

space. You understand when you see it.


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