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This is a very vague question, so I cannot give a very specific answer. However, I can give some pointers for anyone who is interested. First, I'll provide background info for anyone who is new to electrical repair.

A short circuit (a.k.a. a short) is the result of the positive side of the battery connecting to the negative side of the battery (when a wrench accidentally falls across both terminals of a battery, for example). This can also happen when the positive wire of a device hits the chassis of your vehicle.

To fix a short, you must find it's location and cause. Do this by checking for blown fuses and / or tripped circuit breakers. Then check your owner's manual (or relevant service manual) to see what circuits are protected by that device. Afterwards, check the wiring of every device in the system. Correct the cause of the short (it could be a chafed wire, poor electrical connection, or even a miswired device causing the trouble) and you should be good to go again.

I hope someone finds this helpful. Peace be with you all!

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Q: How do you repair a short in the electrical system of 1998 Nissan Sentra?
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