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This is the best site to go to, it breaks down the polaris piece by piece and you can order just the part you need.

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Q: How do you repair a swimming pool polaris?
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Where can I find out how to do my own swimming pool repair?

You can find out how to do your own swimming pool repair with Pool School PRO. Pool School PRO is the ultimate online manual for all do it yourself swimming pool owners, contractors, and service people.

How do you repair your rusty swimming pool ladder?

A rusty swimming pool ladder is not so good to see in your swimming pool. I advice you to repaint your rusty pool ladder or you can just buy a new one.

What tape can you use on bottom of a swimming pool?

Pool liner repair tape that can be found at most pool supply stores.

Give the name commonly used for the star polaris?

The North Star - but why is the question in the section on swimming-pool maintenance?

Swimming Pool Repair?

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How do you repair pipes in a concrete in-ground swimming pool?

You would call your local swimming pool contractor for an estimate and advice. This would be something that only they are equipped to handle.

What is the approximate cost to repair an in ground swimming pool leak?

It depends upon where that leak is.

How do you repair a check valve in a swimming pool?

Make sure it is repairable or you need to replace it asap.

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a swimming pool a swimming pool

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Swimming pool pipe leak repair?

Pipe leaks on swimming pool are typically repaired by cutting away the damaged section and replacing it. Leaking joins can be fixed by resealing them.

Do I need a swimming pool contractor to repair a broken pump?

A swimming pool contractor would not be necessary. An electrician or a small engine repairperson would be a better, and cheaper, choice.

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