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How do you repair a tv?


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December 13, 2015 4:47PM

It depends on the type of television and what is wrong with it. You would likely need to know basic electronics and have access to service manuals to do this.

If it is a CRT television, one of the first things you have to make sure you do is to discharge the CRT. To do that, you would have to have the unit unplugged, and you would run a wire from the "2nd anode" (the big wire going to the back of the picture tube and looks like it has a suction cup on it) to the chassis ground (just follow the wires connected to the springs grounding the picture tube).

If it is dead, you should check the fuses inside. But you should visually and electrically check the areas surrounding the fuses to see if other things need changed. For instance, you should check nearby diodes to make sure they are not shorted.

If the edges of the picture is moving around in a CRT television, that could be a capacitor in the vertical refresh circuitry.

Arcing can be very troublesome and may happen in a CRT television. That could be a sign that the flyback transformer (feeds the "suction cup thingy") is going bad, or the flyback's wiring is shot. You can sometimes fix this temporarily with some sort of "dope" or tape to act as insulation.

Intermittents are one of the worst problems to troubleshoot. That is when it works sometimes and not other times. That can be caused by a break in the circuit board or a bad solder junction, and they can be very difficult to find.