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I've seen some people recommend using boiled water, a heat gun, or hair dryer to soften the liner a bit and make it easier to stretch. They also say that the vinyl will melt if you aren't careful, and dropping the dryer into the pool could be deadly - make sure it's on a GFCI if you use one.

I haven't found any tools for grabbing the lip and stretching it up to the coping channel. A few inches can be done with brute force, depending on the type of bead and coping channel. I have a two foot section out, and haven't figured a better way yet. The boiling water trick gets tried this weekend.

Here's a link to a page with drawings of different bead types.

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Q: How do you repair an above-ground beaded liner pool where the liner has pulled out?
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How do you fix a beaded swimming pool liner that is too big?

Cut it to fit.

Can you replace a pool liner without taking the top rail off?

Only if the A/G pool has a beaded liner. If it is an overlap liner, there's no way around it.

what does it cost to replace liner in 27 foot round 48in deep beaded pool?

It nearly cost above hundred dollars to replace liner in 27 foot round 48in deep beaded pool

Is it difficult to change from overlap liner to beaded liner?

There is no more difficulty involved in changing your overlap liner to a beaded liner, then there is in just replacing your overlap liner. The initial requirement of taking off the top rails or top seats, to take your old liner out is still needed. the difference would be, when placing your new beaded liner in your pool, depends on whitch bead you have. There are 2 kinds of beaded liners, a "U" bead that requires you have a track that rims the top of your poll wall so it can be hooked into that track and a "J" bead that simply hangs on the top of your pool wall. There is a liner that is called a uni-bead that has both of these beads on the one liner and you can choose which one to be used. The process of changing out from a overlap to a beaded is no more work then changing out the overlap to a new overlap. One "pro" for the "U" bead liner is that there is a chance, that when you have to change that liner out in the future you might not have to take the top rails off. If there is enough space for your fingers to get in where the bead track is then you can snap it into the track with less work of removing the top part of the pool. The beaded liners also do not require any coping along the top of the liner.

How do you measure the height of a round above the ground pool for a beaded liner?

Pie times the radius squared

What is the difference between a beaded liner and an overlap liner for above ground swimming pools?

A beaded liner will have a thick bead or lip of vinyl around the top of the liner. This bead will fit into a track which is made to receive the bead at the top edge of your pool. To replace it you simply pull out the old one an insert the new. There is a little more to it, but as far as the bead is concerned that is all you have to do with it. Overlap liners are harder to install because there is no bead so you don't know where the correct height is. You overlap the liner over the top edge of the swimming pool and clamp it in place with a piece of plastic. A beaded liner is harder to measure but easier to install and a over lapping liner is just the opposite because you are constantly adjusting the plastic clamps.

Where can you get the liner in your leather jacket replaced?

A good leather repair shop will replace the liner of a leather jacket. A tailor also has the tools and skills necessary to make the repair.

Can you use cement to repair in ground pools that have a vinyl liner?


Can PVC glue be used to repair a vinyl pool liner?

NO! You want to use a glue specifically designed for underwater vinyl liner repair. It can be purchased at most pool supply stores.

How can you find above ground pool repair in your area that installs liner?

google above ground pool repair

If the pool is drained by mistake and the liner has floated what can be done to repair?

If the pool is drained by mistake and the liner has floated, make sure to keep the liner wet. This will prevent it from possible shrinkage.

How can you stop water pockets from forming behind the liner of your inground pool?

1. determine where your pool is leaking (liner or plumbing) and repair.

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