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Fix Bad Credit

Did you know that paying a collection account can actually reduce your score? Here's why: credit scoring software reviews credit reports for each account's date of last activity to determine the impact it will have on the overall credit score. When payment is made on a collection account, collection agencies update credit bureaus to reflect the account status as "Paid Collection". When this happens, the date of last activity becomes more recent. Since the guideline for credit scoring software is the date of last activity, recent payment on a collection account damages the credit score more severely. This method of credit scoring may seem unfair, but it is something that must be worked around when trying to maximize your score.
How is it possible to pay a collection and maximize your score? The best way to handle this credit scoring dilemma is to contact the collection agency and explain that you are willing to pay off the collection account under the condition that the all reporting is withdrawn from credit bureaus. Request a letter from the collector that explicitly states their agreement to delete the account upon receipt/clearance of your payment. Although not all collection agencies will delete reporting, removing all references to a collection account completely will increase your score and is certainly worth the involved effort.
Within the delinquent accounts on your credit report, there is a column called "Past Due." Credit score software penalizes you for keeping accounts past due, so Past Dues destroy a credit score. If you see an amount in this column, pay the creditor the past due amount reported.

Charge offs and liens do not affect your credit score when older than 24 months. Therefore, paying an older charge off or a lien will neither help nor damage your credit score. Charge offs and liens within the past 24 months severely damage your credit score. Paying the past due balance, in this case, is very important. In fact, if you have both charged off accounts and collection accounts, but limited funds available, pay the past due balances first, then pay collection agencies that agree to remove all references to credit bureaus second.

Contact all creditors that report late payments on your credit and request a good faith adjustment that removes the late payments reported on your account. Be persistent if they refuse to remove the late payments at first, and remind them that you have been a good customer that would deeply appreciate their help. Since most creditors receive calls within a call center, if the representative refuses to make a courtesy adjustment on your account, call back and try again with someone else. Persistence and politeness pays off in this scenario. If you are frustrated, rude, and unclear with your request, you are making it very difficult for them to help you.

Make sure creditors report your credit limits to bureaus. When no limit is reported, credit scoring software scores the account as though your current balance is maxxed out. For example, if you know that you have a $10,000 limit on your credit card, make sure that the limit appears on the credit report. Otherwise, your score will be damaged as severely as if you were carrying a balance of the entire available credit.

Credit scoring software likes to see you carry credit card balances as close to zero as possible. If it is difficult for you to pay down your balances, read the following guidelines to maximize your score as much as possible under the circumstances:
  1. There are different degrees that scoring software can impact your score when carrying credit card balances.
  2. Balances over 70% of your total credit limit on any card damages your score the most. The next level is 50% of your balance, then 30% of your balance.
  3. In order to maximize your score without having to pay down your balances, evenly distribute your credit card balances among all of your credit cards, rather than carry a large balance on one credit card. For example, if you are carrying a $9000 balance on a credit card with a $10000 limit, and you have two other credit cards with a $3000 and $5000 limit, transfer your balances so that you have a $1500 balance on the $3000 limit card, a $2500 balance on the $5000 limit card and a $5000 balance on the $10000 limit card. Evenly distributing your balances will maximize your score.

Closing a credit card can hurt your credit score, since doing so affects your debt to available credit ratio. For example, if you owe a total credit card debt of $10,000 and your total credit available is $20,000, you are using 50% of your total credit. If you close a credit card with a $5,000 credit limit, you will reduce your credit available to $15,000 and change your ratio to using 66% of your credit. There are caveats to this rule: if the account was opened within the past two years or if you have over six credit cards.

The magic number of credit card accounts to have in order to maximize your score is between 3 and 5 (although having more will not significantly damage your score). For example, if a card was opened within the past two years and you have over six credit cards, you may close that account. If you have more than six department store cards, close the newest accounts. Otherwise, do not close any at all.

(Note: Although this tactic is no longer effective for Experian, both Trans Union and Equifax consider authorized user accounts when calculating your credit score.) If you have a short and limited credit history you can ask someone who is a primary account holder to add you to their account as a joint account holder or an authorized user. When added, the primary account holder's credit card will appear on your credit report. Credit scoring software will treat the added account as though it is your account and you will benefit from the low balance and the long payment history for that account. It is important to remember that being an authorized user is helpful for your credit score only if (1) the person is carrying debt below 10% of the credit limit and (2) has had good payment history on the card for seven years or longer. The longer the history, the better. Being an authorized user is potentially detrimental to your credit score if, for example, the primary card holder carries a high balance on the card and has had it less than five years.

15% of your credit score is determined by the age of the credit file. Fair Isaac's credit scoring software assumes people who have had credit for a longer time are at less risk of defaulting on payments. Therefore, even if your old credit cards have horrible interest rates, closing those cards will decrease the average length of time you've had credit. Use the old card at least once every six months to avoid the account rating to change to "Inactive." Keeping the card active is as simple as pumping gas or purchasing groceries every few months, then paying the balance down. An inactive account is ignored by Fair Isaac's credit scoring software, so you won't get the benefit of the positive payment history and low balance that card may have. The one thing all credit reports with scores over 800 have in common is a credit card that is twenty years old or older. Hold onto those old cards!
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Is there any way you can repair your bad credit caused by an ex-husband after a divorce was filed?

Answer . If an account (credit card, auto loan etc) was held in both you and your husbands name then you are both responsible for the debt. Divorce is one of the biggest reasons many people have derogatory credit. If the court declared that the debt was to be paid by your husband and he didn't, s ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal for a credit repair lawyer to take bad credit off of your credit record?

%REPLIES%. Answer . The credit repair industry is regulated by the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which is an amendment/addition to the Consumer Credit Protection Act.\n. \nThere are many activies which are illegal under this statute. Why not read the text yourself at ( Full Answer )

How can I repair my credit?

There is nothing a credit repair company can do that you can't doon your own for little or no money. Everyone has the right toimprove their credit. For detailed methods in an easy to readguide, pick up the E-book, "Fix Your Credit, Raise Your Score, andKeep it That Way," by J.K. Banks. It will give ( Full Answer )

How can you repair your credit quickly?

You've got lots of company. Tens of millions of people in the United States have credit enough (and FICO credit scores under 620) to make obtaining loans and credit cards with reasonable terms difficult. If your scores are above 760, you're probably already getting the best rates. If they're anywh ( Full Answer )

Can you get a credit card if you have bad credit?

Of course you can still have a credit card despite a bad credit history. There are companies who give people with bad credit history a chance to prove their integrity again. But of course, there are requirements and at the same time, there may be unreasonable policy so you should be aware of it. Wei ( Full Answer )

Best way to repair credit?

Making repair to your credit is not a difficult task, but it does take time and patience. Truly what you need to do is simply take steps to evaluate your use of credit and then see where changes can be made. Then not only will your credit be repaired, your credit score will raise as well.

What is bad credit?

The words "bad credit" conjure up such negative images, don't they? That's because those two little words aren't exactly what people want associated with them. When you have BAD CREDIT, you are almost marked when it comes to obtaining things like cars and homes.It's like you're wearing a sign around ( Full Answer )

How do you get a credit card with bad credit?

Credit Cards for Bad Credit If you have bad credit, you might think that it is impossible for you to obtain a credit card. Let's start out by saying that if you have bad credit, the only possible reason could have for wanting another credit card is to try and rebuild your credit rather than to go ( Full Answer )

How do you repair credit?

There is nothing a credit repair company can do that you can'tdo on your own for little or no money. Everyone has the right toimprove their credit. For detailed methods in an easy to readguide, pick up the Amazon Kindle E-book, "Fix Your Credit, RaiseYour Score, and Keep it That Way," by J.K. Banks. ( Full Answer )

Credit card for bad credit?

A good starting point is to get a secured credit card and a few months later move on to a regular credit card. This way you will GREATLY improve the look of your credit report before your actual regular credit card application. More tips for options on getting credit cards for those of us with ba ( Full Answer )

How do you get bad credit?

Bad credit simply means that you have overextended yourself when it comes to using credit and you want to work your way out of that state and get GOOD CREDIT. Try to visit simple credit online for more info.

How do you repair your credit?

Repairing your credit involves sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus asking for verification on your negative listings. The credit bureaus have 30 days to contact the original creditor and get verification. If they don't, the listing will be removed. They will send you an updated credit ( Full Answer )

How can credit be repaired?

This is a loaded question but keep in mind that it all about the Credit scores more so than repairing your credit. Credit scores affect every aspect of our financial lives - qualification for loans, the interest rates we pay, employment opportunities, and even insurance premiums. Unfortunately, cred ( Full Answer )

Can you repair your credit after a foreclosure?

The key to repairing bad credit is to write a properly formatted credit repair letters to one or all of the credit bureaus and send them out via registered mail.

Is credit repair illegal?

Credit repair is LEGAL. You may have heard some mention that credit repair is actually illegal; but the fact of the matter is there is nothing illegal about credit repair and disputing inaccurate information about your credit file. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) actually encourages people to d ( Full Answer )

Are there credit cards for bad credit?

Yes there are credit cards for bad credit. If you have bad credit and want to get another major credit card, you should think the circumstances that you will be facing because it is not as easy as what you think. Although there are lenders who will give you another major credit card, you need to ( Full Answer )

How can you repair bad credit card history?

It's never too late to repair your credit and heal your bad credit history. One place to start is to pay down your debt and stop using credit immediately.

Is there a Bad credit credit card?

bad credit card just like a payday loan . well, payday loan is veryeffective way for your emergency money requirements problems inSingapore . many company provide the payday loan with low interestrate.

How can you get a credit card with bad credit?

First thing that you have to do is to repair your credit card history. Look for the things that can be fixed. Next thing is to review your current status. There are certain qualifications that credit card companies are requiring for people to have a bad credit card history to have a new credit card. ( Full Answer )

What can you do if you have bad credit?

You can help improve your credit by getting a secured credit card. You have to deposit a small amount of money in a savings account and that is your credit limit on the card. You only want to put $200 to $300 in the account. Continue to pay whatever credit cards you have on time. But definetly order ( Full Answer )

How can I repair bad credit from a bankruptcy?

Basically, and believe it or not, bankruptcy is not the end of the world for credit. I remember before I knew about Credit that I must have bad credit because I was late on a few utility bills, that shows how dumb I was, but later I learned that the Credit Reporting Agencies keep us in the ( Full Answer )

Can you get a credit card with bad credit?

Yes you can! If you can afford to place a security deposit of $200 or more you can get a secured credit card. You are guaranteed approval for a secured credit card regardless of how bad is your credit and what is your income. There is also a chance that you might be able to get an unsecured cred ( Full Answer )

Credit unions for bad credit?

Credit unions typically give better interest rates on loans compared to most banks provided you have an open account with them that's in good standing. Just having an account with them won't make your credit better but if you need a loan you'll get a better rate there than many other places.

How can you get a credit card with no or bad credit?

The obvious answer is rebuild your credit. First you need a copy of your credit report to see what you current rating is and any problems that may be on file. You can request a copy from the main credit agencies for a small fee, there are also more detailed subscription services that will give you a ( Full Answer )

How do you get credit card with bad credit?

If you have a bad credit history, you can still avail of credit card applications. It depends on the company. Sometimes, you have to fix your credit card history before you can apply for a new one.

How do you get approved for credit with bad credit?

If you have bad credit, you need to approach a specialist lender that deals with bad credit or adverse credit customers. Each provider has different criteria so you need to have a good idea why you would be considered a bad credit risk by mainstream lenders. If you have declared bankruptcy recent ( Full Answer )

How do credit repair companies repair bad credit?

Credit repair companies repair bad credit by using the Fair Credit Reporting Act to dispute negative items that are on your credit reports. This can be done by anyone, but has been mastered by some of the credit repair services at a large scale level. The slang term for this practice is dispute mill ( Full Answer )

What can bad credit repair do to your score?

A credit repair company shouldn't be able to hurt your credit score, but you may end up paying money without any improvement in your credit score either. To ensure your credit repair company is reputable search the BBB website to see what reports, if any, exist on the company.

Which is better bad credit or no credit?

Neither is good, but both can be improved. Having no credit can make it difficult to be accepted for any type of credit, bad credit means at best the credit offered is going to be more expensive. To assist either situation you need to show a good record of using and paying off credit responsibly . . ( Full Answer )

Where to get a credit card with bad credit?

Use a credit restoration and education provider. Another ideawould be to use a service that matches you with credit cards thatyou qualify for. . +++ But would you really want to live in permanent debt? If yougo down that road you may find it harder and harder, and more andmore expensive, to obtain ( Full Answer )

Is no credit bad credit?

In the eyes of some lenders, yes. I had trouble getting a car loan last year because I had no credit. One lender told me that no credit is often viewed the same way as bad credit.

Where do you get a license to do credit repair?

First you would have to check your state laws for licensing. But there are several very restrictive federal laws involved with credit repair. Credit Consultants Association is an organization and you have to be a member of a tread association that regulates the credit service industry.

Fees for credit repair?

The key to repairing bad credit is to write a properly formatted letter of dispute to one or all of the credit bureaus and send them out via registered mail.

Where to go for credit repair information?

I would suggest scheduling an appointment with your bank or checking out local credit counseling services - some are offered free, but some are scams (if they ask for money, it's a scam). Your bank will be able to help you understand why your credit score is low and help you plan a strategy to repai ( Full Answer )

How do you get credit cards with bad credit?

There are a wide variety of credit card companies willing to give people with bad credit a chance to prove themselves. Keep in mind, these offers tend to have much higher interest rates (and additional fees) when compared to standard credit cards. But if you pay on-time and build up a good track rec ( Full Answer )

How do you repair credit score after bankruptcy?

You can repair your credit score by removing the negative items that have been including in credit repair through the dispute process. You can also remove bankruptcies by disputing, but it will take some time before you are able. You also need to create new credit by opening a credit line and cre ( Full Answer )

What is a bad credit credit card?

A bad credit credit card is designed to offer credit cardfacilities for people with poor or adverse credit scores. Suchtypes of "bad credit" customers may find it difficult to beaccepted for mainstream credit cards. Bad credit credit cards tendto have more generous criteria for acceptance, so people ( Full Answer )

Should you get a credit card to repair your credit?

You may do that in case of credit card consolidation wherein your credit card debts are consolidated into one credit card. However, if you can still negotiate to lower your interest rate and monthly payments; it is still better to pay off your debt with cash and not consolidation.

How do you repair bad credit for future remortgages?

The best way to repair bad credit, in order to get a mortgage is by paying off all of your bad debts. Try making payment arrangements with the creditors that are delinquent; then your credit will become slowly restored!

Where is a good place to get advice on how to repair bad credit?

There are several government sponsored websites that have advice on how to repair bad credit. The Federal Trade Commission has a section on their consumer pages about how to repair bad credit. Other sources of information include Bank Rate, Bad Credit Resources and Direct Lending Solutions. Obtai ( Full Answer )

How can one repair bad credit history?

There is no easy way to repair a bad credit history, but with patience and willpower, it is possible to see one's credit score rise again. First, an individual should educate themselves about their rights according to the Federal government. Second, it is important when you have a bad credit rating ( Full Answer )

How can a person repair their bad credit to get a mortgage loan?

There are only way to repair bad credit due to a mortgage loan is time. All debt information related to late payments and Chapter 13 bankruptcy come off a credit report after 7 years. Chapter 7 bankruptcy (total liquidation) remains for 10 years. Not that some items associated with defaulted mortgag ( Full Answer )

How can one get home repair loans if they have bad credit?

There are a number of ways that one might be able to procure a home repair loan in the event of bad credit. That person may be able to offer a type of collateral such as the equity of a home to produce the necessary investment for a loan. One may also seek out someone with better credit willing to c ( Full Answer )

What steps can be taken to repair bad credit?

One step to repair bad credit is to fix any errors currently in your credit report. The other obvious solution is to catch up on any missed payments that you currently have.