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When alluminium corrodes it needs to be replaced you cant repair it.

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Q: How do you repair corroding aluminum walls in your inground pool?
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Are swimming pools aluminum?

The walls of some above ground and some inground vinyl liner pool kits are made of aluminum.

What is the best kind of walls for an inground pool?

Esther Williams extruded aluminum slats!!!!!!!!! Will outlast any other wall system.

Is it possible to repair two large cracks on a Fiberglass Vinyl inground pool and it appears as if the walls are caving in?

Probably not without draining the pool. You need a pro to come in and evaluate. Many times they are not even fixable, particularly if the pool walls are deformed. Just cant push the dirt back easily.

Do carbohydrates repair cell walls?


How do you clean the walls of an inground cement pool that have become chalky?

A light acid wash should remove the chalk.

When heating a pool why does inground or above ground matter?

inground pools hold the heat better as the ground naturally acts as an insulator above ground pools have more area to loose heat eg side walls

What are the dangers of draining an inground pool?

Two of the most prominent dangers of draining an inground pool are ground water causing the pool to pop out and the weight of the dirt being too much for the concrete walls causing a collapse.

How to repair metal above ground pool walls?

I didn't know that there were swimming metal walls.

How to repair leak in basement walls?

call a plasterer and plumber

How thick should the bottom and walls be when making a concrete inground pool?

the concrete should be 6" according to this site

What size Aluminum bardo i need for enclosing pool walls together?

4 inch

Can you bend a aluminum can?

An empty aluminum can is very easy to bend or crush. A full aluminum can cannot be bent or crushed because of the liquid and pressurized gas inside that makes the thin walls rigid.

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