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On my 94 escort wagon I had the same problem. The door handle is connected to a metal rod by a plastic clip. These clips get dry rotted over time and break. To fix this problem you can replace the clip or rig it as I did. To replace the clip: Simply unscrew the door handle. It is only attached by a single screw, readily visible. Remove old plastic clip from both rod and door handle and replace with the new plastic clip. It's fairly straight-forward. To rig it up: Get a fairly tough piece of wire. One that won't break easily but it still flexible. Unscrew the handle and remove the assembly from the door. Grab the rod that the handle pulls to make the door open. Insert the end of the rod through the hole in the back of the door handle. Wrap wire so that it holds the rod firmly in place. Then screw the handle assymbly back into the door. :) Easy enough.

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Q: How do you repair door latch on a 1994 Ford Escort wagon so you don't have to open window to get out?
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