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you can either use a good epoxy pool paint if you intend refurbishing the whole pool or use an epoxy paste. V out the cracks and fill with epoxy paste.

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Q: How do you repair hairline cracks in a drained concrete pool?
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Why are there channels filled with tar at intervals across cement-concrete roads?

Where cracks form in the asphalt/concrete, repair crews fill the cracks with tar to keep water from seeping in and widening the cracks into pot holes.

What can be used to fill cracks in the driveway?

There is a product called Concrete Resurfacer that is used to fill in cracks in the driveway. Here is a link with a guide on exactly how to do this:

What is the Cost of concrete crack repair?

Cracks in concrete walls cost about $35-$65 per foot to repair depending on what is needed. Do-it-yourself solutions are available at

How to you repair a hairline crack in a crockpot line?

Boiling the porcelain in milk will be able to repair the hairline fractures.

What type of material do you use to repair cracks in an in ground concrete swimming pool?

a concrete pool A: Visit your local pool store for professional advice.

Can you repair cracks in mirrors?

It is hard and sometimes not possible to repair cracks in mirrors. Small cracks can sometimes be repaired with a glass repair kit.

What's the best way to repair cracks in a concrete basketball court?

Surface cracks can be easily fixed with elastomeric crack filler which is flexible. Deep wide cracks need to be filled with fine sand and then applied with the elastic crack filler.

Can you repair hairline cracks concrete walls of a house?

Hi,The cracked portion should be widen gently and be cleaned of all loose materials. Fill the cracked portion by pressure grouting or 'guniting'. The material for such grouting can be epoxy or cement (with suitable admixture).Epoxy has more strength and adhesion than cement and can go into very thin cracks as fine as 0.1 mm. The surface should be finished according to adjacent area on the wall.Note: The cracks in RCC members/ structural members should be repaired immediately with consultation form structural engineer/professional.Read complete article at

What can happen when concrete cracks are impenetrable by water?

Water and moisture passing through cracks results to deterioration of structure and growth of moulds. When not handled immediately, repair and replacement work can cost you more. It is advisable to give a prompt action to concrete cracks, holes and joints. You may call in waterproofers in Sydney to handle your waterproofing projects here

Can I repair my ice maker, or do I need to call a service technician?

It is possibly to repair your ice maker. Be careful of unattaching any hoses and check for hairline cracks in the hardware. Worst case scenario you have to call the technician afterward, but it doesn't hurt to try to fix it yourself first.

How do you repair concrete cracks in patio and sidewalk?

Once concrete is cracked, there is no way to effect a real repair. You can use sealant to fill the cracks in, however. To do this, remove every speck of dust and debris from all the cracks, finishing with a hard blast of water. Let dry thoroughly, then fill in the cracks with Sonolastic NP-1 in silver-gray or limestone color, strictly following manufacturer's instructions. Pick the color that best matches your concrete. Do not substitute for the Sonolastic NP-1 . . . it is a proven, industrial strength product. If the cracks are deeper than 1 inch, tamp in some backer rod so that you have about a 3/4 inch crack depth to caulk. Backer rod is a round hard foam that comes in various diameters and lengths. The backer rod should be a little larger than the cracks are wide. You will probably have to buy several sizes to fit all your cracks. Do not caulk over the top of your concrete, just fill the cracks to the top.

Is there any way to repair a hairline crack in an above-ground pool pump?


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