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Pop your hood and on the front of the car is a headlight entrance panel. It is right next to the headlights.Get the bulb and take it down to autozone or advance auto parts and they will get you the replacement.

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1996 ram driving lights relay located?

The exterior lights do not have a relay. They are directly turned on by the headlight switch.

Why doesnt the headlight taillight and dashlight come when the light switch is turned?

Probably a bad headlight switch. Also may be the power feed wire for the headlight switch. Check both.

How do you reset srs light on a 2000 accord?

By having a professional repair the problem that has turned the light on. They will reset the light after the repair. This is not a DIY repair.

What was the motto of the spanish explorers?

If, by Spanish explorers you mean the conquistadors, then it should have been God, Glory and Gold, but it turned out more like Gold, Glory and God.

Radio doesn't work unless headlight switch is turned on?

The radio was wired wrong. Sounds like the hot wire for the radio was connected to the hot wire for the headlight switch.

Why would the headlights on a 1994 Honda Civic randomly turn off while driving but they go back on once turned off and them back on?

I would check for any loose connections/obvious things. otherwise replace the headlight switch.

What will cause the headlights to remain on after the car is turned off?

Cars don't turn off completely, they run on battery power. The headlight switch needs to be turned off.

When did drunk driving start?

Immediately after you finished your last drink and turned on the ignition in your car and began driving.

How do you turn on headlight wipers on a 1992 Mercedes 300?

They come on when you turn on the windshield washer, but only when the headlights are turned on.

How do you change the headlight on a 1995 Jaguar XJS?

Panel inside wheel arch with two clips which must be turned to remove.

Do you have to disconnect or remove battery to change drivers headlamp on Lexus ES300?

As long as the headlight are turned off, you do not have to disconnect the battery.

What antique auto had moveable headlights?

The 1948 Tucker had a third headlight centered that turned left and right with the steering wheel.

How do you adjust headlight aim on Pontiac grand prix?

There are two adjustments on the headlights. One is accesable and can be turned with a hex screwdriver. The other adjustment cant be turned without removing the headlight casing. Such a horrible design; sometimes when you put the casing back on its in a different position then when you took it off, making adjustments a nightmare.

How do you get your 96 Ford Taurus headlights to go out when you checked the fuses and had to disconnect the battery?

You more than likely need to replace the headlight switch. Lights not going out when turned off is a symptom of a bad headlight switch.

How do you keep open headlight 88 Corvette?

Turn the headlights on the whole way, then push the headlight knob back in, leaving the parking lights still lit. This will hold the headlights up, without having them turned on.

What is the definition of fixed pulley?

A fixed pulley is A wheel turned by or driving a belt.

Why does one headlight go out when the bright lights are turned on?

One filament of bulb burned out (double filamented bulb) Replace bulb

How do you access intensity for dash lights 1979 Ford F150?

Rotate the headlight switch knob left or right with headlights turned on.

Your interior lights will not turn off when you exit the vehicle?

Check to see if the interior lights are switched "ON" Sometimes they get turned on when you move the headlight switch.

Why did it take so long to find antarctica?

Early explorers explored Earth by ship. When ships sailed into polar climes, the treachery of icebergs coupled with the extreme cold temperatures turned most explorers away from polar exploration.

How do you change the headlights on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

ou have to remove the headlight assembly by removing the two screws on top and pull out the assembly. The screws will be long. After you remove the headlight assembly there is two sets of wires one for your turn signal and one for your headlight grab a hold of the headlight up close to the assembly and turn it. when you have turned it enough it should be able to come out then you put the new bulb in and reinstall everything.

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