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Well the first thing to do is check the fuse for the power windows should be a 30 amp metal fuse check for continuity, if fuse is ok, take the door panel apart and then take the connector off of the power window motor ,with a trouble light check to see if you have power with the switch in the up and the down position if you have power in both positions and the window does nothing then get a battery and place the ground wire on the door and the positive end to either prongs on the back of the motor if the motor does nothing then the motor is either no gode or jambed, if it works one way then try the positive on the other side of the plug, if that also works then you have a grounding problem, PS both windows have to work from the drivers side first. Try this before attempting to take the motor out ,If in dought splice the black wire and ground it to the door frame . If all else fails take the three screws out that hold the window motor in and bench test the motor ,If you are going to replace the motor you are going to have to take it out anyways right,so while it is in the up position cut a splice of wood so you can put it in the door to hold the window in the up position before you take the motor out Wayne

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Q: How do you repair power windows in a Chevy G20 Van?
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