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If they are power windows, disconnect and check the related switches with an ohmmeter or find someone that can. If they are manual windows, you might as well replace the doors cause I'd rather hit my toe with a big hammer than tear the guts out of another old manual window roller that refuses to work!

its probably your switch

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Q: How do you repair rear windows of a 93 Civic which will go down but not back up?
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How do you fix the rear windows of a 1993 Honda civic which will go up but not down?

i dont know

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MY car is a 2000 LS Buick Regal the back windows won't work but, the front one still work. Can you tell me how to fix them

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not completely flat, but they do fold down

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Try the fuse.

How do you repair a window regulator that growls half the way down then stops on a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid?

the cable is frayed ,you will have to replace the window regulator motor assy.

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it should be at the back of the gear box but most of them are electric its all down to what model

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