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If they are power windows, disconnect and check the related switches with an ohmmeter or find someone that can. If they are manual windows, you might as well replace the doors cause I'd rather hit my toe with a big hammer than tear the guts out of another old manual window roller that refuses to work!

its probably your switch

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Q: How do you repair rear windows of a 93 Civic which will go down but not back up?
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How do you fix the rear windows of a 1993 Honda civic which will go up but not down?

i dont know

2000 Buick regal ls back windows won't roll down but the front ones work. How do you repair?

MY car is a 2000 LS Buick Regal the back windows won't work but, the front one still work. Can you tell me how to fix them

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Do the back seats fold flat in a 2005 Honda Civic?

not completely flat, but they do fold down

What is the symbolic meaning of electric windows falling down?

There is nothing symbolic about electric windows falling down. It simply means that the mechanism needs repair. There is no need to look for symbolic meaning in ordinary events.

What is the difference between a hardtop and a coupe?

on the coupe all the windows rolled down and on the hardtop roadrunner the back windows didn't go down, they pushed outward.

Does a honda civic 2000 have fold down back seats?

Yes, it has a 60/40 folding reat seat.

How do you repair a 1998 Honda Accord when the automatic locks no longer workPlus the windows can't be put down from the drivers side main control.Iunhooked battery and hooked back up and now doesnt w?

Try the fuse.

Why won't my BMW 328i convertible front windows r oll down but back operate fine?

how do i fit new windows in the front & back of my 328I convertable E36

How do you repair a window regulator that growls half the way down then stops on a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid?

the cable is frayed ,you will have to replace the window regulator motor assy.

When driving with the windows down there is a thumping sound related to the windows being open while driving.?

When only the back windows are down, they make a thumping sound because of the air tightness of the car's cabin. Roll down a front window slightly and this will go away.

Does a 1997 Honda civic dx have power steering?

The 1997 Honda Civic DX did originally come with power steering although you could also purchase models that were stripped down versions. These did not include power steering, power windows, or power seats.

What could you do to cut down the enery loss in your house through the walls and roof and windows and gaps around the front and back doors?

Insulating walls and windows, weatherstripping doors and windows.

Where is the speedometer cable located on a 1992 Honda Civic?

it should be at the back of the gear box but most of them are electric its all down to what model

1992 Honda Civic Front Windows will not roll up or down from the drivers side you replaced the master window switch and the master window relay and they still don't work The back work just fine?

I have a 93 Honda Civic LX with the same problem. I had everything replaced and nothing worked. I took it to a very good electrician and he figured out the problem for me. Its a connector that connects the Master window switch to the rest of the car windows. Mine had moisture damage so it worked on and off and only with certain windows. But the rest of the window switches operated the windows fine. It should be in the door panel/hidden around the door hinge.

08-99 buick lesabre the back windows will go down but wont go up?

Check the window relay for the back windows of the Le Sabre. Check the wiring for the system as well.

Did a vehicale in 1986 have electronic door lock and windows?

no because it didnt have the technology back then . back then they had manual roll up windows with a lever , and they had to pull down each lock to lock each side.

Will a bicycle fit in the back of a 2008 Honda Civic Coupe with the rear seats folded down?

Yes it will fit with room to spare for a rucksack

How much would it cost to install an air conditioning system in a 1992 Honda Civic DX?

More than its worth, roll your windows down or buy a different car that has a/c.

You just brought a used car 2001 Honda civic coupe 77k miles for 8k at a dealership over 24hrs ago it broke down on the highway. Warranty 1month or 1kmiles. Can you return it and get the money back?

Maybe not but they do have to repair it. If you fuss enought they may cancel the sale.

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It is drawing too much current. If you aren't certified for AC repair, roll the windows down and drive to your favorite shop.

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