How do you repair the air conditioning?

Repairing the Air Conditioning

Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:
  • What part of the system needs repair? The system is big, so any symptoms you can give would be helpful.
  • The easiest way, if it is a small leak would be to buy a can of stop leak and try that but, this only works on small leaks. Usually just o-ring problems. The next way would be to find a condenser at a salvage yard and replace it yourself. I found one here for $40 for my 92 Accord. Since your system is open you should also replace the Receiver/Dryer ($45 at Autozone) as well, unless you want to have more problems later. Your system should be discharged already so you won't have to worry about discharging the freon. You will more than likely have to remove the radiator to get to the condensor as well as the grill and maybe front bumper. I would suggest buying a Haynes or Chiltons manual for the car, it will give you step by step instructions ($16 Autozone). You will also need to replace the antifreeze in your system if you remove the radiator. One gallon ($10 Walmart) will give you a 50/50 mix for the Accord which should be fine unless you live in Alaska. Ha, ha. You will also need a couple cans of R134 (Freon) to refill the system ($5 per can Autozone) and if you need it a gauge to measure and add the freon with ($21 with one can of freon Autozone). Make sure you get the freon with the oil already in it or even better buy a can of R134 oil and add it first to insure you have enough. Barring any unforeseen problems you are looking at approximately $137.00 plus a weekend to insure you have plenty of time. This is if you are mechanically inclined that is. **Disclaimer** All of this is assuming your system was working before you developed the leak and your compressor, evaporator, and expansion valve are still in good shape.
  • The two most common faults with the 90 to 93 (all Honda's for that matter) Accord air conditioning leaks is the condenser (available on eBay ,new,for $90 US+ shipping) and the two small pipes that leave the accumulator on the drivers inner fender and are held down with a upper and lower bracket and clamp and a 10MM bolt. Where they rest on this bracket the pipes are covered with rubber and corrode and leak under the rubber coating. Why Honda didnt paint the aluminum pipes is beyoud me. Also the accumulator where it sits in the metal cage will corrode at the point where the metal band touches the aluminum and get real thin and almost eat through. These parts can only be bought from the Honda dealer. The front bumper has to come off to replace the longest because it goes thhrough the rad support to the condenser.A real bugger to feed through the rad support. Also the "O" rings can leak where the two large hoses go on top of the pump. Look for green stains if the system has the dye in it. Not hard to see.
  • GO on the Internet and look up freon 12. It is compatible with r12 and r134.
  • Just to let you know, the Haynes and Chiltons manuals no longer show you anything about the air conditioning system. Just says something to the effect of take it to a shop. My local library has the professional shop manuals that have this information. If you plan to keep the car I would highly recomend subscribing to All Data for your car. This is the same program many shops use and is worth the money. MUCH better than any parts store manual.
  • Unfortunately, ALLDATA does no longer support Honda/Acura in their database. They say that Honda is to blame for not letting them avail that good info to the public.