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How do you repair the drivers side power window switches They've fallen into the door panel?


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get new ones or used ones and fit a little metal sheet under

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You can try reinstalling the drivers, or just get a new one. You really can't repair the actual hard ware.

You can try reinstalling the drivers, or just get a new one. You really can't repair the actual hard ware.

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Remove the inside door panel. The entire power window mechanism will be visible. Put the window back onto the window track.

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To give you an answer we need to know more specifically what the problem you are trying to repair is.

Could be a problem with the starter motor, might be causing it to short out or something

If all you want to do is repair/replace the window switches then this is very simple. You will notice at the bottom of the small panel the switches are in there is a notch. Take a screw driver and use the notch to pop the panel off. Be careful not to pull to hard you may pull apart wires or damage them. Be gentle and lift it up enough so you can see if there is a wire that is not connected. If so, there is your problem if no connections are broken then just get your replacement switches and hook up the wires and there you go.

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Yes. Windows XP can perform a repair installation. When you boot to the CD, press enter, F8, then hit enter again to "perform a repair installation". Do not confuse this with the repair console. You don't want the repair console.

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Easy - replace it. Seriously, I have tried and there is no simple fix. Usually if you take the specific switch apart - which usually renders it inoperable - you will find that it is charged from the arcing over time and repeated use, especially the drivers window with the auto down function. Just go to a junkyard, eBay or wherever you prefer, and buy the entire assembly with all four window switches.

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$2950.00 for a new one with all new switches. This includes the $600.00 in 6 hours of labor and new fluid.

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In the front drivers side, next to the fender. You have to remove the fender to see it or repair it

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