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this works for all windows with the power up/down option

1. open up the door and verify that the window sissors is somehow broken. it can also be the cable to the up/down motor. (the cable has always been the problem for me)

2. go to Ford and buy the sissors assembly (it includes the lifting mechanism and the cable to the up/down motor. costs around $50-$60. (you can buy replacement rivets for around 1.00 each, but you need an extra large riveter. these rivets are LARGE! (i didnt buy these)

3. remove several rivets holding the sissors in place. i used a grinder and a dremmel tool. and remove the sissors from the car.

4. paint the grinding marks that you made so they wont rust.

5. insert the sissors reverse of how you took it out.

l6. secure the sissors back to the door. you can use the factory rivets or do what i did (since i didnt have an extra large riveter). go to Home Depot and buy some nuts and bolts and secure with lock tite meduim. i feel this is a better solution to the rivets as no more grinding will be needed to perform future repairs. also clearance is not a problem so the nuts & bolts just made sense for me.

7. test your window and close up the door.




There are no scissors, there is a window regulator that has a pulley with cables and the window attaches to the regulator with rivets. You will need a drill to remove the rivets, two for the window and two for the lower part of the regulator. First, remove the window motor, shiny brass screws that are torx bit mainly and there should be three. Now, you will be able to maneuver the window and it has to be positioned in the openings where the rivets are accessible. On the drill, you use a drill bit that is larger than the head of the rivet and drill off the head only and the rivet will fall out. Caution I have seen people drill through the rivet and shatter the window, so be CAREFUL. Now you maneuver the window out of the door, then you drill rivets out of the lower reg. There are also two nuts that hold the regulator as well. I would not bother doing rivets during installation, I just use screws, nuts and washers. Remember to save the white plastic window protectors when installing back together.

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Q: How do you repair the drivers window of a Crown Victoria that won't go down?
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what year?

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