How do you repair the entire plumbing in a mobile home?

- I replaced the entire plumbing system in my own 14 x 68 mobile before living in it. It had been copper and fortunately the water heater, toilet, bath and kitchen were all in line down one side. Only a 32 ft run from water heater to kitchen. I removed ALL the flooring in bathroom, got rid of old tub,toilet and sink. removed 2 x 10 ft of the flooring in small bedroom between bathroom and kitchen, and similar 2 x 4 ft in kitchen. ( removing the airnailed AND glued composite floorboard was the hardest part of the job ! - but worth it. Pinholes in the old copper pipe had softened much of the floor near pipes. )

Next, I removed every piece of copper pipe, and the cheap 3/4 polyvinyl supply pipe which ran from the main shutoff valve in the pad under the kitchen to the water heater. This pipe had simply been lying on the pad with minimal insulation. - Shutting off water supply out in the street, I then cut the old shutoff valve off, fitted a PRV in it's place and added 3/4 PEX almost straight up to the kitchen sink cabinet (only a 6 ft run ) and placed my new 3/4 ball valve main shutoff under the kitchen sink (thus avoiding the need to crawl all the way under to close supply off). From this new valve I ran 3/4 PEX all the way to water heater inlet. From this 3/4 line, I placed 4, 1/2 PEX offshoots to the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bath and toilet. From the tank HOT water outlet I ran a continuous 3/4 PEX line back to the kitchen hot faucet. ) This line has two 1/2 PEX offshoots to bathroom sink and bath. - We now get almost instant hot water at the kitchen sink and due to the 3/4 main lines, have great pressure everywhere. (naturally I also placed a shutoff valve (1/2 x3/8) under each faucet and toilet) I used SS braided rubber lines from these to each faucet (NOT the grey plastic junk )

My next job after the plumbing was to replace all the board I took out with 5/8 plywood. Then I built a totally new bathroom cabinet, new sink and faucet and fitted a new spa tub (48 x60 with pump and 8 jets), with tile right up to the ceiling !

My next project is replacing all cabinets, sink, faucets and c'top in the kitchen, (but we're living in it now, so I will pre-fab these outside and install in one day.).

PEX is always the way to go - easy to fit, long lasting and with great brass fittings. . DON"T waste money on a large traditional crimper (about $200) -A company called Surelok makes a very usable small crimper (about $30) that uses stainless steel crimps . All available in 'big box' stores. -I've used a Surelok crimper for over 3 years and love it. My big traditional crimper hasn't seen daylight in 3 years !