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How do you repair the fuel gauge of a 1988 Ford F150 Needle moves when truck is rocked so float seems to be working?


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My 1988 Ford Thunderbird has a digital gas guage. Last week it stopped working. Now all it reads is E (empty) How can I fix it?

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The problem is most likely in the float bowl. The float could be bad. The likely cause is the needle valve that is control by the float is stuck, or dirt has gotten between the needle and needle seat. This is an easy fix. Carefully remove the float bowl. The float will be held in place by a pin. Remove the pin, and float. Check that there is no fuel in the float, and that it floats in gas, if not replace. The needle valve will come out with the float, as they are connected by a wire link. Make sure needle vale is clean, and able to move freely inside it's housing. Check the bottom of the housing at the needle seat to make sure it is clean of dirt. Reassemble, and you should be ready to go.

I would suspect a bad needle valve and seat in the carburetor. The float level can also be set too high. I would replace the needle valve and seat and check float level.I would suspect a bad needle valve and seat in the carburetor. The float level can also be set too high. I would replace the needle valve and seat and check float level.

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It very well could be, or a problem with the float. Remove the bowl off the carburetor, remove float, needle valve, and seat. Clean all parts good with carburetor cleaner. Float the float in some fuel to make sure it floats (when should not that any fuel inside of it). Put needle valve, seat, and float back on and open fuel valve a small amount, lift float up to see if it will shut fuel off, if it does reinstall bowl. If not you may have to replace the needle and seat.

sounds like you have a float that is stuck. when the float stcks down it allows more gas into the carb. you may need to pull the carb to clean the float needle and seat.

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