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If you fuel gauge is not working and your check engine light may be on, you need a fuel sending unit. The dealer may tell you that you need a whole new fuel pump. You do not! I have sold and/or installed over 500 of these. I sell brand new, OEM, Isuzu Factory fuel sending units. You can buy one from me via eBay (user name awnicol25) or email me at My price is 1/2 of your cost at the dealership. Thanks-and good luck!


I was informed by the dealership that the only way to repair it is to replace the fuel filter which includes the guage. Estimated price for the dealership to do it was $600...i told them to take a hike, i can deal with the broken guage.

I have a 2000 Isuzu rodeo and I fixed my gas gauge for about $45!! Don't listen to the dealer. If you have a driveway and basic tools, you can do it. The gas tank needs to be removed to get at it, but it is only about a four hour job start to finish. Look on eBay for the fuel sending unit. You don't need the whole thing, just the contacts that attatch to the float!

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Q: How do you repair the gas gauge on a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo V6 2WD?
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