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You need to find out where the resistance is comming from. That may mean disconecting different pieces of the linkage/cable to find out where it's binding. Just break down the problem into individual pieces. That's always the best way to solve problems anyway.

2006-08-02 18:06:53
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Why does a 1990 Pontiac Grand Am hesitate to accelerate?

clean out or replace the throttle body spacer...

How do you clean the throttle body on a 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix?

"How do you clean the throttle body on a 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix?"

How do you clean throttle body on grand caravan?

Where is the ECU on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

Where do i find a diagram to replace or clean the throttle body sensor in your 89 Pontiac grand prix that is free to look up on the internet now?

Usually the Throttle Position Sensor is located by the intake manifold, usually at the end of your air intake.

I have a sticking accelerator on 2004 grand caravan?

Purchase a can of Throttle body spray cleaner. Be sure it is sensor safe. Clean all the throttle linkage, and then clean inside the throttle body, making sure you clean the butterfly throughly.

How do I clean headlights in Pontiac Grand Prix?

Don't try and clean them ...just replace why should i try not to fix it myself it is cheaper

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee throttle position sensor location?

It is located on the outside of the throttle body in line with the butterfly. Remove the air intake from the throttle body and it will be accessable on the back side of the throttle body. Easier to work on if you remove the throttle body. Easier to clean it too.

I can only keep my 1998 Pontiac grand prix se running if I press on the gas pedal once I take my foot off the gas pedal the engine stops. whats wrong?

Throttle body has excess carbon build up or bad idle air control motor. Clean throttle body and/or test and replace AIC motor.

How do you clean the throttle position sensor 2003 dodge ram?

You don't. But you can clean the throttle body with throttle body cleaner. Just follow the directions on the can.

What is Diagnostic code 122 in a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

122 Throttle position sensor voltage low you need to clean the body throttle only. just applay carbritor cleaner to it and you go

How do you clean throttle body and throttle plate 2006 Ford Focus?


How do you fix a sticking throttle on a 2000 Saturn SL2?

Clean the throttle body

Why does throttle stick on your throttle body?

Carbon build up. Clean the throttle body with a good carb cleaner.

How to clean a 2006 trailblazer idle air control valve?

The Trailblazer has an electronic throttle (drive by wire). There is no IAC valve, it is built into the throttle body. Remove and clean the entire throttle body.

How do you clean the throttle body on 00 ford ranger 3.0 v6?

clean the throttle body on 20000 Ford Ranger 3.0 v6 is with throttle body cleaner purchased at an auto parts store.

How do you find and clean throttle body?

by cleaning it

How do you replace a throttle sensor in a 1988 Nissan Sentra?

Is it easy to replace a throttle body in an 88 sentra? How do you clean a throttle body

What if your moped will only rev at half throttle when at full throttle it dies out What is wrong?

You need to clean out your carb or need a new throttle cable

Your 02 trailblazer is starting to sputter?

take off throttle body and clean it with throttle body cleaner.

How do you clean throttle body on a Chevy blazer 2002?

Purchase a can of throttle body cleaner and follow the directions on the can.

Can you clean throttle body by pouring cleaner in gas?


How do you clean the throttle body of a 2001 grand marquis?

You can hose it with carborator spray, but be carefull, 'cause some brands of spray cleaner will hurt the oxygen sensors in the exhaust system.

How do you change the transmission filter on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

The transmission filter will be located inside the transmission. Their is no need to replace it if you flush it. A flush will clean everything and rinse the filter

Idell problems with Chevy Colorado?

clean the throttle body

How do you clean the throttle body on a 1997 intrepid?

water and soap