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Sometimes people will cut the constant power wire of the ecu to get check engine lights to go off. So I would suggest you locate the brain and see if one of the wires is cut.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-18 21:45:05
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Q: How do you repair the memory on an 89 Acura Legend LS?
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How do you replace a belt on a 89 Acura legend Acura legend?

There are 3 drive belts and the timing belt. Which are you referring to? Either way you need to get a repair manual for assistance. There are a lot of steps involved to get to the timing belt.

What type of battery does an 89 Acura Legend need?

Any auto parts store can help you with that.

Where is the radiator fan switch on a 89 Acura Legend?

The 1989 Acura Legend radiator fan switch can be found on the inside of the quarter panel. You can find the switch on the drivers side quarter panel.

I Need Wiring diagram for 89 Acura Legend?

Haynes Manuals Contain Wiring Diagrams in the back of the book.

Heater wiring diagram 89 Acura Legend?

A heater wiring diagram can be found inside a 1989 Acura Legend workshop manual. The manuals will also have troubleshooting procedures detailing how to solve common problems with the vehicle.

Where is the fuel injection relay on 89 Acura Legend coupe?

The 1989 Acura Legend fuel injection relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The fuel injection relay switch will be in the third column, third from the top.

Where is the blower motor for the heating system on a 89 legend coupe?

i had a 1990 acura legend my blower motor was located under the passenger side dash board

How is the transmission shift cable removed on the 89 Acura Legend?

The 1989 Acura Legend transmission shift cable is held in place with swivel nuts. Loosen the swivel nuts on each end of the cable. The transmission shift cable will come out.

How much mpg and hp does air intake improve on a 89 acura legend?

you will get 50 mpg more and at least 200 more horsepower

Where is condensor fan relay located on 89 Acura Legend 2700?

It is near the battery underneath the fuse box. It is necessary to remove the battery and fuse box to access it.

Where is the 89 acura cooling fan switch location?

In the radiator.

How to INSTALL the radiator on 89 Acura Legend?

Set the radiator into place and secure it with the radiator retaining bolts. Attached the radiator stabilizing arm. Attached the radiator hoses to the engine. Fill the radiator with fluid.

Why would an 89 legend not have any power?

No motor

How do you repair 89 ford ranger head gasket?

The only permanent repair is to replace the gasket with a new one.

What is the wiring diagram for an 89 Acura Integra?

Pictures that show what wires do and where they run. Shows colors and connectors.

How bad is it to fix a head gasket on a 89 Acura Legend?

Fixing a head gasket could be very costly. If you do it yourself it is very labor intensive but you might be able to do it for $300 or so. To have it done could cost around $1000 or more due to the labor involved.

Why doesn't your AC blow cold in 89 Acura Legend Changed the compressor condensor drier and changed out th eo-rings. Charged it. The comp kicks on but does not blow cold?

try a new thermostathard to believe but all a/c have one

How do you change a starter in a 89 Acura Legend?

To replace the starter in a 1989 Acura Legend you must first disconnect the negative cable on the battery. Disconnect the starter motor making sure you label each of the wires as they are removed. Remove the bolts which hold the starter to the engine and slide out the starter. Position the new starter to the engine. Torque the mounting bolts using 32 pounds of foot pressure per bolt. Connect the wires to the starter using the labels as a guide. Reconnect the battery cable and check the starter operation.

How would the 12 features for the SanDisk ImageMate SDDR-89-A15 12-in-1 Memory Card Reader make my business faster?

It can pull and transfer information rapidly off of your memory cards.

1990 acura legend sedan torque converter how do you disconnect the lockup part of the converter it locks up too soon?

hi, I am researching the same thing. 89 accura legend torque lock wont unlock. I have found what the solenoid looks like and it has a plug. I am thinking about unplugging it and see it that helps. but I am unsure how this will effect the rest of the system. Also it might be operated by a relay somewhere ( havn,t found this out yet) thanks

How old is Bob Cousy?

Basketball legend Bob Cousy is 89 years old (birthdate: August 9, 1928).

How do you repair head gasket on 89 Chevy silverado?

Short answer, remove the heads and replace the head gaskets. If you want to know exactly how to do this, then purchase an Hayne's or Chilton's repair manual for your car.

Do you need a memory card reader to transfer data to a new card?

Yep, try SanDisk SDDR-89

Repair leak on radiator transmission lines 89 aerostar?

The repair on the transmission line will depend on where it is. If the leak is at a coupling then the joint may be able to be tightened. If the line itself if leaking or split then it will have to be replaced.

What could cause your 89 acura legend to not want to start again after being jumped and idling for a while if its not the alternator or battery does not come close to start just flashes lights?

extra battery creating a start situation indicates loose connection or bad battery. I have also seen starters be damaged in the fields and armatuer that will activate with extra power.