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Mazda 323

How do you repair the problem that causes your Mazda 323 to run with a misfire after accidentally turning the camshaft pully while changing the water pump?

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2006-07-11 17:52:09

if you changed the timing belt also, you'll need a manual to

correct the timing belt installation...check the timing and for

specifics, you should be able to find a shop manual at the local

library with the right information on this -- make copies of the

pages, as they are usually for REFERENCE only...:) You will need to

reset the camshaft timing then double check the ignition timing. If

you have a shop manual, the procedure is covered in section 4. If

not, send me an e-mail and I'll send the details. As I recall, the

crankshaft should be moved to top dead centre and the camshaft has

three scribe marks, two 180 degrees apart, level with the top of

the head, the third a 90 degrees to the other marks pointing

straight up. Ignition timing is 2 degrees BTDC at warm idle with

the vacuum lines disconnected from the distributor. Cheers


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